We’ve built stronger foundations so that our products will help you make decisions faster, smarter, and more collaboratively now, and into the future. We’re building connected Seequent solutions with powerful adaptability and scalability in order to meet your emerging data challenges.

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GeoStudio 2021.3

GeoStudio has received significant improvements for this release with new and improved material models, SLOPE/W solver optimization, and updated Add-ins support for SIGMA/W. 

A powerful new feature enables directly connecting to a Leapfrog Geological Model through Seequent Central to import mesh-based topographic or lithology contact surfaces into BUILD3D.  

GeoStudio now supports Seequent ID for subscription entitlements, access to new online learning modules, and resources in the MySeequent portal. 

Other highlights include updates to the Land-Climate boundary condition and vapour density formulation in SEEP/W. 

Leapfrog Geo 2021.1 | Edge 2021.1

This bold new release of Leapfrog 2021.1 builds on the strong foundations that we laid in the last release. Expect modernised deployment, powerful performance, fresh new features, user-centric enhancements and more.

Leapfrog Geo
A major boost to the heart of the Leapfrog engine is here with multiple drill hole datasets giving you freedom to import, visualise and manipulate more than one set of data in a project.

A powerful new optional add on is here, the Geophysics extension unlocking more ways to leverage your geophysical data in Leapfrog’s intuitive workflows.

Leapfrog Edge
The sub-block model format design has been enhanced for geometry representation, optimising efficiency and providing major processing time reductions. Experience streamlined modelling with the new Grouped Mesh tool in the Combined Models folder.

Leapfrog Geo 2021.1

Edge 2021.1

Release NotesAbout Leapfrog Geo

Leapfrog Geothermal 2021.1

This is a significant release for Leapfrog Geothermal.

Major new features include the powerful capability to import 2D and 3D SEG-Y seismic data into your workflow. The addition of multiple well datasets give you the freedom to import, visualise and manipulate more than one set of data in your project.

You can now put project polylines, points, and structural data onto cross-sections. Further improvements to the vein tool provide expert users with greater flexibility in vein construction and among other great features is the new grouped mesh tool.

Leapfrog Works 2021.1

Leapfrog has received major improvements for this release with multiple borehole datasets, section enhancements for creation and editing with a more intuitive workflow and improved time-based data points for the Contaminants extension.

A powerful new optional add on, the Geophysics extension, allows you to seamlessly integrate GPR data stored in SEG-Y format into your civil engineering workflows.

Other highlights include new support for mesh interconnectivity with future releases of GeoStudio, and further enhancements to the vein tool for modeling thin layers and fault zones.

Oasis montaj & Target 9.10

9.10 delivers even more power to Oasis montaj and Target to help solve your geophysical analysis challenges with ease. Updated algorithms enhance performance and optimise workflows.

Essential elements and extensions are streamlined for a better user experience, while we continue to invest in interoperability to provide you with even more flexibility for the future.

We’ve added more standard Projections to the Projections and Coordinate System and it’s now more intuitive and easier to use with powerful new search functionality. The renamed and revamped Induced Polarization & Resistivity brings better visualisation, better QC and better workflows. And there’s a new intuitive menu for UX Analyze, speeding up workflows and learning.

Target for ArcGIS Pro 2.3

Target for ArcGIS Pro 2.3.0 makes interpreting and communicating your drillhole and subsurface data easier. You can expect enhanced symbology tools, impactful customisation of your cross -section mapping and accessibility in shared working environments.

Seequent Central

Experience even more ways to easily communicate and collaborate with your project team in the new Central August 2021 release.

New Scenes capability makes it easier than ever for you to engage with key stakeholders and keep them up to date with the latest developments in your projects. We have taken our industry-leading visualisation from desktop to the cloud. No longer constrained, you can now open and visualise your project in 3D directly in the web browser.

There are many new tools to help you interrogate data, like in-scene selection to display properties, the slicer to cut sections and the measurement tool for understanding distance.  There is also a new  workflow connecting Central with GeoStudio to support geotechnical analysis on your projects.

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