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Drive geothermal asset optimisation with Volsung

Understand geothermal systems from millidarcy to Megawatts through
integrated reservoir, wellbore and surface facilities modelling.

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Understand geothermal systems from millidarcy to Megawatts

through integrated reservoir, wellbore and surface facilities modelling.

Introducing Volsung – Seequent’s advanced geothermal simulation software. Volsung offers an integrated solution to comprehensively model and simulate your geothermal process, from subsurface reservoirs to surface systems. Gain unparalleled clarity, ensure optimal system performance, and confidently make data-driven decisions. Join us in shaping the future of geothermal energy.

Smooth Integration

Ensure the physics of your conceptual model is represented in your simulation models with direct outputs from Leapfrog Energy—also, forecast density responses in your reservoir by utilizing gravity data in your history matching process.

Fast, Precise Insights

Model the entire geothermal process from subsurface reservoirs to surface systems and create reliable predictions. Run multiple scenarios without waiting days for results with a fast simulation engine.

Streamlined Workflow

Simplify your work with an all-in-one platform for modelling and simulating the complete geothermal system, reducing the need to switch between tools.

Comprehensive Perspective

Create a holistic view of geothermal operations and perform in-depth analysis with advanced features such as inverse modelling and Monte Carlo simulations.

Volsung's integration of reservoir, wellbore, and surface network modelling has elevated our geothermal resource management. The speed and ease of wellbore modelling stood out, providing better predictions of reservoir and well performance.

Simon WebbisonVP, Exploration & Resource Management, Ormat Technologies Inc.

"The remarkable speed of Volsung, along with its capability to run coupled reservoir-wellbore-surface network simulations, greatly improved our assessments of field performance. I can see that Volsung is truly an advancement for reservoir modelling in the geothermal industry."

Elisabeth EasleyGeothermal Resource Assessment Project Manager, PT Thermochem Indonesia

Compared to TOUGH2, Volsung revolutionized our numerical modelling workflow by integrating everything in one software package. The drastic reduction in run times, from hours to minutes, paired with responsive technical support, has been commendable.

Fra-Olalem R. Cinco, Reservoir Engineering ManagerPhilippine Geothermal Production Company

Holistic simulation from subsurface reservoirs to surface systems

Volsung offers the integration of reservoir, wellbore, and surface network simulators with advanced features such as microgravity and subsidence forecasting, tracer modelling, Monte Carlo analysis, and cloud-based computing. Volsung helps you tell the story of your data with:

3D Reservoir Visualization and Control

Brynhild is a graphical interface used to develop and execute geothermal reservoir simulations and enhanced 3D visualizations to interpret model results.

Key features include clean visualizations that enable collaborative model development, simplified workflow from conceptual to numerical modelling, runtime control, grid-independent setup, TOUGH2 model import, and compatibility with Leapfrog Energy.

Reservoir Simulation

At Volsung’s core lies a highly efficient reservoir simulator that outperforms standard simulators in speed tests. Using heat and mass balance equations, Volsung replicates the flow of fluids through rock.

With its innovative use of GPU technology, it reduces model development time and offers faster simulations both locally and on cloud platforms.

Gudrun: Wellbore Modeling

Designed with visual features and built on sound physical principles, Gudrun provides detailed wellbore models in less time, enabling greater insight into well performance.

Automated Model Calibration Tools

These tools enable efficient automated calibration and uncertainty analysis. They effortlessly incorporate calibration field data and support autonomous modelling on cloud-based computing systems, simplifying the modelling process.

Pipeline Simulation

Built on foundational principles akin to the wellbore simulator, Volsung offers detailed modelling of pressure drop and heat loss in pipelines.

Numerical Pressure Transient Analysis

Volsung includes a numerical pressure transient analysis (PTA) tool based on the McLean (2020) framework. Using a radial model, it offers features such as standard pressure derivative plots, different boundary types, multi-rate tests, and more.

Thermodynamic Table

A compact yet powerful tool, the thermodynamic table assists users in querying thermo-physical properties of working fluids. Compatible with all steam tables implemented in Volsung, it aids in phase transition calculations and offers automation through Python modules.

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