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Industrial Minerals Solution:

Minimise subsurface uncertainty and mine smarter

Accurately predict mineral quality and quantity faster than ever before in Industrial Minerals

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Geological certainty, reduced waste, and product consistency for your customers

Understanding the geology – where the highest quality ore sits and where the worst impurities reside, can mean
the difference between a sustainable operation and one that is unable to meet customer needs.

Now you can confidently create a 3D resource model of your site, predict product quantity, plan proactively with
profitability and waste reduction in mind – all in a matter of hours not weeks.

We give you a greater understanding of your product, so you deliver on promises to your customers.

Break down silos and empower your teams

Unite your teams by consolidating data in one single location with full version control. By integrating your workflow, teams can dynamically collaborate in real time to manage, model, and communicate data across the business.

Intelligent insight of your resource

Interpret your material quality and variability with conviction before you extract it. Now you can ensure consistency through your supply chain to enable more reliable, efficient operations, positive product perception and business profitability.

Optimised workflows and enhanced sustainability

Break down barriers across your operations with an end-to-end integrated solution. Now you can be agile and manage the entire process using real data to cut waste and enhance sustainability.

Seequent's Industrial Minerals Solution

Seequent's solution package

MX Deposit

Fully configurable SaaS drill ​and sample data management platform providing an integrated, auditable, controlled environment that ensures your data is of the highest quality and accessible anywhere in the world.

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Leapfrog Geo

A workflow- based 3D geological modelling tool with an advanced implicit modelling engine bypassing time-consuming wireframing. Integrating with both up and downstream processes ensuring a dynamic model that is a single source of truth informed by the latest available data.

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Leapfrog Edge

Resource estimation tool arranged in a streamlined workflow. Confidently budget and plan for the optimal application of resources, both mechanical and human to extract the ore and manage waste

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Seequent Central

Break down silos and bring all your teams together. View shared models, manage data and work together to the better your chances of driving efficiency, profitability, and sustainability.

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All Seequent software includes:

World class support

Our worldwide support team includes experts in your field. The majority of support requests are answered within 24 hours and project assistance is available.

View apps

Share your data visually to help stakeholders of all technical levels clearly understand risks and decisions.

Online training

Overview and in-depth training to get you started and upgrade your tech skills available on-demand and through webinars.

Software integrations

Seequent supports Open Mining Format and has an open API for coders. Our software integrates with commonly used file formats in mining.


Customers help shape our products. Attend online and in-person customer appreciation events, including our Lyceum user conference.

Flexible licensing

Whether you’re consulting or part of a big team, select from licensing options that adapt to your project.

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