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Grade Control Solution: the workflow achieving operational excellence

The industry’s agile response to making better informed decisions on ore and waste

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Unlock the value of subsurface data and transform exploration and mine performance

Your performance will hang on the choices made at this critical stage. Get them right and you can transform your profits, maximise efficiency, and reduce waste.

Our cohesive Grade Control workflow can help. With implicit modelling integrated to every mine advance we provide rapid and dynamic short term model updates that can make use of all available data. The industry’s most agile grade control offering, enabling in the moment decisions to be made.

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Maximise the value of the ore you’ve been chasing

The more accurately you can predict the location, quality and quantity of your ore body, the lower your waste and risk, the higher your productivity, and the greater your profit.

It seems like a simple enough equation, but there are major challenges in this last chance to make your best decisions. 

Speed, integration, reaction time

There’ll be a mass of data from a dozen directions, and a multitude of teams making calls on it. There are production pressures and reconciliation reporting to worry about.

Models will require constant updating to deliver ore at the quality and rate demanded by your targets. In fact, few stages in the mining process have a more compelling need for a powerful, integrated workflow solutionor can profit more from it.

Agile, accurate grade control

In response, Seequents Grade Control offering features a collection of products that fit perfectly to create a complete, solution for this concluding and conclusive phase.

It can manage the most complex geological data to enable efficient and repeatable grade control, and empower inthemoment decisions. Plus, it can run alongside your existing systems, rather than replacing them. 


Our Grade Control solutions capture and integrate all your geoscience data, whatever its type, so teams can collaborate without barriers to make the most informed decisions. The speed of our implicit geological modelling means you can test new projections or hypotheses on the fly.

Insights come back quickly, so you have the breathing space to shape your short-term mine plans, and get the big wins that agile working enables. In short, we’re looking at levels of foresight and quick-footedness that can add, potentially millions to revenues and impress stakeholders with your inroads on sustainability.

Discover a collection of 36 tips, insights and practical guides to get the most out of your ore body.

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Find out more about how Seequent can help you mine your ore body in the most effective and efficient way possible, while reducing waste, saving time, and transforming performance.

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