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Together with our partners, we work to provide combined solutions for global earth, environment and energy challenges.

We passionately believe in the power of connection, that when we share and work together, we become not just bigger than we are, but greater than the challenges we face.

Together, we bring clarity to complexity, helping our customers get the most from their data – uniting experts and stakeholders to work closer and more intuitively wherever they are in the world.

Why join Seequent’s Partner Community?

Work together with Seequent to shape the future of geoscience and technology.

Seequent solutions reach thousands of customers in over 100 countries – our goal is to connect the smartest minds with the best technology.

Whether you’re a fellow technology provider, a reseller offering access to a new corner of the globe, or an associate wanting to share your expertise – together we can bring value to both your customers and ours.

By joining Seequent’s growing partner network you can become part of a community sharing its insights, tapping into the learnings of other partners and leveraging the power of a trusted and established brand.

Alliance Partners

Collaborate with us to drive innovation through shared experience and expertise.

Our Alliance Partners are industry leading companies with an open philosophy complimentary to our own.

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Business Partners

Seequent solutions help customers gain a better understanding of the Earth and create a better world for all.

Seequent enlists a host of Business Partners across the globe – from Certified Associates providing expert training, demos and sales support, to Resellers who bring Seequent solutions to all corners of the globe.

You’ll help professionals discover new ways to solve their unique challenges, and we will support you with everything you need to get started and be successful.

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Industry Partners

When industries come together to share knowledge or learn new skills, it’s powerful.

Seequent partners with trade associations, industry organisations, and membership groups to share valuable information, co-promote events, and support in developing industry standards.

Have ideas? We’d love to hear them. We’ve collaborated on podcasts, publications, and events.

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Technology Partners

In order to solve the geoscience challenges facing our world, we need to work together with other software providers to build and create collaborative solutions, integrated workflows and data connections.

Our accesible APIs allow you to develop new solutions, and expand knowledge for our shared customers. It’s about bringing together the brightest minds with the technology built to enable the best decisions.

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