Seequent is always looking to better solve geoscience problems through collaboration. We work with current partners to provide combined solutions for earth, environmental and energy challenges.

Seequent’s open philosophy aims to ensure geoscientists have a seamless workflow across every aspect of their project.

Work with innovative geoscience solutions


3D subsurface modelling, resource estimation, model auditability & tracking, and collaborative technologies.

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3D earth modelling, subsurface and subsea unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection, integrated GIS mapping, and geoscience data management.


Solve diverse geotechnical engineering problems with integration of pore water pressure modelling with slope stability, stress and deformation models.

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Seequent is constantly expanding our partner network. If you would like to partner with us, get in touch.

Alliance partners

We work with geoscience providers across the globe to offer our customers the most fit-for-purpose solutions on offer. This means partnering with other leading software providers to extend Seequent’s products and technologies.

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Business partners

We partner with resellers and service providers to provide local services and sales support across six continents.

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Development partners

Our development partners enable seamless geoscience workflows for every aspect of a project. Development partners have access to information and resources to develop, test and access custom-fit solutions.

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