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What’s new in Leapfrog Geo 2023.1.1

In Leapfrog 2023.1.1, we’ve put 2D output capabilities (sections and plan views) in the spotlight, from significant plan view enhancements to major new features. For the first time, you can automatically add strip views to your vertical cross sections. Users in civil engineering and mining will benefit from simple linked workflows to produce the relevant outputs for reports and communication.

For your resource estimation workflows, we’ve made changes to domained estimators and further improvements to block modelling – a reflection of our ongoing commitment to this important area. You’ll also notice more flexibility for your resource modelling workflows, including sharing variable orientation objects and variogram models, along with tweaks to the UI. Look out for more improvements in the future – these changes are necessary precursor work to support wider changes in estimation workflows.

Leapfrog 2023.1.1 introduces a new block model creation dialogue that simplifies model creation, while fully-sub-blocked models have been migrated to the same storage as regular and octree models, leveraging earlier improvements to performance, 2D visualisation and sectional display. The changes also enable a long-standing request to import a wider variety of sub-blocked model types.

Finally, you’ll find continued improvements to our base geological modelling tools. Surfacing improvements have been made to intrusion surfaces, giving you more control and flexibility when modelling intrusive units.

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