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Geoscience is evolvingDiscover how geoscience professionals are overcoming obstacles in mining, energy, civil engineering, and environmental industries with technology and innovation.

Seven of the Strangest Objects Ever Found Down a Mine

Seven of the Strangest Objects Ever Found Down a Mine

Generally, mining and exploration is undertaken with some idea of what might be found at the end of the excavation. Hopefully, ...
/ Mining
Oasis montaj 2024.1 colour management

Oasis montaj 2024.1 – What’s new

Building on our commitment to improving user experience in response to user feedback, this release streamlines analysis with more intuitive ...
The Golden Bridge (Vietnamese: Cầu Vàng) is a 150-metre-long (490 ft) pedestrian bridge in the Bà Nà Hills resort, near Da Nang, Vietnam.

Are these the world’s most beautiful bridges?

Often, it’s the massive, mountain or gorge spanning, technically advanced transport bridges that draw the civil engineering oohs and ahhs ...
/ Civil
A ariel landscape photo with sand dunes in Sahara desert

One more mystery of the environment solved: the story of Star Dunes

No, not a sci-fi fans ultimate crossover movie, but a creation of environmental forces in the deep desert that, until ...
/ Environmental
A photo of a factory smoke pipe sending smoke to the atmosphere.

From millidarcy to megawatts: geothermal asset optimisation with Volsung integrated geothermal modelling

Discover its applications for reservoir and wellbore modelling, and thermodynamics, empowering geoscientists, and engineers to optimize geothermal project outcomes. Our ...
/ Energy, Volsung
Two construction workers using tablet computer during road development on construction site

Application of resistivity and gravity to map cavities and low-density zones

The resistivity data will be inverted in Res2DInv, while the gravity data will be processed using Oasis montaj and inverted ...
How solar power can go from massive to modest

How solar power can go from massive to modest

One of solar power’s great advantages is its scalability, and this May we got a perfect example of how that ...
/ Energy