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Geoscience is evolvingDiscover how geoscience professionals are overcoming obstacles in mining, energy, civil engineering, and environmental industries with technology and innovation.

Experience Imago in 15 minutes

Experience Imago in 15 minutes

Capturing, saving and accessing images of drill core/chips is essential – but the current processes need improvement! The industry has ...
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: A slice through geological and temperature models built in Leapfrog Energy of the Rotokawa and Ngā Tamariki Geothermal Fields in New Zealand, Operated by Mercury

Powering the energy transition: Seequent introduces Leapfrog Energy

Subsurface software leaders bring geothermal experience and world-leading technology to energy industry Christchurch, New Zealand, May 31, 2023 - Seequent, ...
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May 2023 Answer Hour: Enhanced Slope Stability Analysis with SLOPE3D

May 2023 Answer Hour: Enhanced Slope Stability Analysis with SLOPE3D

The GeoStudio portfolio offers 3D limit equilibrium stability analysis capabilities with the addition of SLOPE3D. SLOPE3D provides the ability to ...
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A rendering of wind turbines in the ocean

Seequent announces launch of Leapfrog Energy

Leapfrog has already been utilised for a variety of use cases ranging from understanding ground conditions of offshore wind turbines, ...
A screenshot of a stope section model in Seequent's Leapfrog Geo

See what’s new in Leapfrog 2023.1

Section Improvements As well as continued enhancements to plan views, we have introduced a major new feature that allows strip ...
A screenshot of a webinar presentation around Raw data to informed decisions with Seequent's MX Deposit for mining exploration

Raw Data to Informed Decisions: MX Deposit’s Latest for Exploration

Join Seequent's data management experts showcasing the latest in MX Deposit and demonstrate how it can enable exploration teams to ...
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A gif of core shacks, battery information, and wind turbines at Cornish Lithium

Cornish Lithium sets a new standard for sustainable lithium extraction

Cornish Lithium’s innovative and sustainable approach to lithium extraction sets a new standard for more environmentally friendly lithium exploration. Hear ...