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Geoscience is evolvingDiscover how geoscience professionals are overcoming obstacles in mining, energy, civil engineering, and environmental industries with technology and innovation.

A screenshot of a webinar presentation around Raw data to informed decisions with Seequent's MX Deposit for mining exploration

Raw Data to Informed Decisions: MX Deposit’s Latest for Exploration

Join Seequent's data management experts showcasing the latest in MX Deposit and demonstrate how it can enable exploration teams to ...
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A gif of core shacks, battery information, and wind turbines at Cornish Lithium

Cornish Lithium sets a new standard for sustainable lithium extraction

Cornish Lithium’s innovative and sustainable approach to lithium extraction sets a new standard for more environmentally friendly lithium exploration. Hear ...
A gif showing the Seequent and AGS logos for the launch of Res2DINV 5.0

Introducing AGS Res2DInv 5.0

Say goodbye to the endless data cleaning, model running, and result-checking cycle. With AGS Res2DInv 5.0, you can customise your ...
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A screenshot of A Data Profile in Seequent's AGS Res2DInv 5.0 3D Viewer

Explore the new AGS Res2DInv 5.0 user interface and visualisation capabilities

With Res2DInv 5.0, users can process data and run inversions quicker than ever with the simplified workflow and new processing ...
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A model of lithologies to demonstrate deep geothermal data in Canada by Seequent

GEOCONVENTION 2023: Seequent presentation on deep geothermal in Canada

Seequent, The Bentley Subsurface Company, has collaborated with researchers from the Clean Air Task Force (CATF) and the University of ...
SafeLand_Global_Drone intertidal survey

Panel Discussion: How QC Drives Innovation in UXO Detection

This panel discussion, led by industry experts, delves into the latest innovations and challenges in UXO detection. Panellists discuss acceptable ...