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Tailings: Governance-driven digital solution

Harness your knowledge base to boost operational efficiency, improve safety, manage risk, and simplify compliance and reporting.

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Move from Retrospective to Proactive

Tailings storage facilities (TSF) are large and complex structures, increasingly recognized as an integral part of sustainable and responsible mining practices. 

Seequent’s leading practice Tailings Management solution has, at its core, a multi-stakeholder knowledge base that enables a monitored digital twin and geotechnical analysis workflow that turns static data into actionable intelligence to better manage and predict TSF performance, create new operational efficiencies and reduce risk across the asset 

Increase Certainty

Consolidate your data into a powerful cloud-based digital twin that updates in nearreal time for effective asset monitoring. 

Improve Collaboration

Access to reliable information when it is needed by the Engineer of Record and other stakeholders to improve decision making and governance.

Reduce Risk

Analyses to proactively manage and predict asset performance, to minimise risk to human life and the environment.

Seequent’s connected tailings solution

Knowledge base

A centralised cloud-based platform that enables a single source of truth for all your TSF project data, available throughout the lifetime of the asset. Includes but is not limited to spatial, environmental, geological, and geotechnical data as well industry standards and procedures. 

Seequent Central

Manage, track, and collaborate on geological data in a single, accessible environment.

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Live sensor data providing real-time insights critical for accurate factor of safety calculations, and the safe and efficient operation of your mine.

Mine sensor data

Understand mine site sensor data at a glance.

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Create a powerful subsurface digital twin of the entire site in Leapfrog based on 3D visualization of geological, geophysical, geochemical, seismic and hydrological data.

Leapfrog Geo

Integrate, communicate, and interpret geoscience data with rapid 3D modelling.

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Oasis montaj

Visualise, analyse, and integrate all your geoscience data in interactive 2D and 3D models.

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Geotechnical Analysis

Set up and run a geotechnical analysis that is dynamically linked to your 3D model (digital twin) through Seequent Central.


Model slope stability, ground deformation, and heat and mass transfer in soil and rock.

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A digital twin evolves and grows over the life of a mine and becomes key for general and best practice management of tailings dams. A better understanding of how your TSF is being built, along with its performance and safety profiles, brings a shift in mindset from a reactive to more proactive approach.

Andre AlipatePrincipal Geotechnical Engineer, OceanaGold Corporation

Empowering innovative Tailings management

OceanaGold’s Digital Twin Initiative at Waihi

Read more about an industry striving for best practice in Tailings Storage Facility management.

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Tailings Storage Facilities Management: From data acquisition to an integrated 3D model in Leapfrog

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