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Tailings solution: Predict the future, then change it

Harness all your data with software to help you analyse performance, communicate risk, and predict change in tailings storage sites.

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Protect lives, infrastructure, investments and the environment

Tailings storage facilities are complex structures. If a single problem goes unnoticed, the failure can be catastrophic. Until recently, reliable condition monitoring has been difficult and expensive.

Now you can generate a 3D comprehensive site picture (digital twin) that is instantly understandable to your team and stakeholders, gives you insights into problems and clues for solutions, is affordable – all in one place.

Somewhere in your data is the day your dam will failYou need the right tools to stop it.  

Work together with a digital twin

Consolidate all your data into one powerful, constantly updating 3D ‘digital twin’ of your tailings site. Bring all your technical people together to work on the shared near real-time view, so they can test ideas and scenarios, and make faster decisions based on current information. 

Analyse a lifetime’s performance

Adopt a whole of lifecycle solution to trace tailings asset performance from design, through construction and operation, to closure and eventual restoration to useable land. Learn what has changed over time and how, and more importantly, find out why.

Harness the predictive power of insight

Harmonise your systems and enable data to flow for seamless collaboration across all your teams. Use integrated workflows and communication tools so that everyone can quickly identify and fix problems before they become catastrophes.

Seequent's Tailings Solution

Read about the challenges and solutions to the mining Industry’s search for Tailings Storage Facilities’

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Seequent's solution package

Combine all data

Combine all your geological, geophysical, geospatial and geochemical data, and then interpret it into one powerful, updateable 3D model.

Leapfrog GeoGeosoft Oasis montaj

Report on water quality

Characterising soil and water properties is now accessible, rigious, and auitiable with Seequent’s Geostatistical extensions. By combining 3d dynamic geological models with best practose geostatistical methods in an easy to learn, interactive 3d modeling environment, you can reliably define and report on material characteristics, water quality, and more.

Leapfrog Contaminants extension

Manage tailing water

Incorporate your MODFLOW and FEFLOW data to help manage the millions of cubic metres of tailing water in your dam. Analyse the risks of changing water levels and pressures over time.

Leapfrog Works

Evaluate site performance

Continuously evaluate site performance across the entire lifecycle by bringing all your data and analyses together. Gain deeper insights to help predict the impact on stability of seepage, settlement, earthquake and much more.


Bring teams together

Bring all your technical teams together. View shared models, manage data and work together to identify problems, experiment with predictive scenarios and create a timeline of every revision and decision.

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All Seequent software includes:

World class support

Our worldwide support team includes experts in your field. The majority of support requests are answered within 24 hours and project assistance is available.

View apps

Share your data visually to help stakeholders of all technical levels clearly understand risks and decisions.

Online training

Overview and in-depth training to get you started and upgrade your tech skills available on-demand and through webinars.

Software integrations

Seequent supports Open Mining Format and has an open API for coders. Our software integrates with commonly used file formats in mining.


Customers help shape our products. Attend online and in-person customer appreciation events, including our Lyceum user conference.

Flexible licensing

Whether you’re consulting or part of a big team, select from licensing options that adapt to your project.

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