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Dirk van Zyl
Professor – University of British Columbia

Chris Kelln
Director of Engineering, GeoSlope – Seequent

Adriaan Meintjes
Partner and Principal Geotechnical Engineer – SRK Consulting

Caius Priscu
Head of Mineral Residue Facilities and Water Management – Anglo American

Iain McLean
Executive Vice President – North America, Seequent


31 min

Tailings storage facilities – Risk mitigation in a multi-stakeholder environment

How can we avoid another massive tailings collapse with catastrophic consequences? The new Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management, says mining companies must strive to deliver much more sustainable mining operations – aiming for zero harm to humans and the environment. Our panel of experts will explore some of the approaches being taken and the tools available to assist in innovating and transforming the way tailings facilities are built and maintained.