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“83% of respondents stated that data management is a critical issue for their organisation.”

The Data Management Challenge Geosoft Geoscience Management Report

Your single source of truth

Collaborate on a master model

Harness the combined intelligence of your teams to rapidly build and test geological models. Streamline workflows by dividing up a master model by location or specialty. Each member can focus on their individual section, experiment, and be peer reviewed without impacting others.

Once approved, their updates can be instantly pulled back into the master model – giving the whole team the latest insights.

Central Staged Approval Process

Share and track data across teams

From field geologists to engineers to head office staff, everyone can access and see the latest version of project files and models.

Easily navigate a complete timeline of a project’s revisions. Understand the history of when and why decisions were made, view past annotations and conversations, and visually compare versions of your model.

Onboard new members quickly with detailed records of the project’s evolution. And, if a team member leaves, you’ll retain their insights.

Work with the files you need

Central Data Room is an open platform to store, share, and view an audit trail for any file type.

Import and export meshes directly within Leapfrog. Export .DXF, .DWG, .OMF, and many common file types for each team’s needs. Central is cloud hosted, so even remote teams have instant access to project files and can manage who has permission to access them.

Central Browser also has direct integrations with key partners, including IMDEXHUB-IQTM which allows you to visualise 3D drill hole data in real time.

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Work remotely and collaborate with Central

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“Having an automated audit trail facilitates our workflow internally to a very noticeable degree. It makes us a lot faster. We can respond more quickly. But most importantly – we don't make mistakes.”

Shawn HoodPrincipal Geologist and Vice President of Technical Services, GoldSpot

“We all follow the same model and we know where the data has come from. A key benefit therefore has been increased confidence in our modelling process and in making the modelling outcome repeatable and easier to understand.”

Sarah WangInformation Manager, Cameco’s Exploration

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Make The Most Informed Decisions

Central Dynamic model Updates

Dynamic Model Updates

Be instantly notified when mesh files used in your Leapfrog model are updated in Central – and pull them in. Meshes hosted in Central are dynamically linked to Leapfrog, placing the most current file at your fingertips.

Central visually compare versions

Visually Compare Versions

Overlay the changes between any two models in your project’s timeline to see exactly how meshes and objects have evolved.

Central share and report

Share and Report

Stakeholders on any team can easily view, navigate, and annotate 3D geological models in Central, even if they don’t use Leapfrog. Updates to models, project progress, and resource estimations are immediately available to everyone, from management to field geologists.

Central access project data anywhere

Access Project Data Anywhere

Central is hosted in a secure Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Team members can access files, collaborate, post and view instant project updates from anywhere with an internet connection.

Central Capture Communications

Capture Communication

Don’t shift through emails. Discuss models and offer expertise within your model using annotations. Attach documents to the project for better traceability and add geotags to highlight features. Instead of screenshots, grab thumbnails that link directly into your project.

Central cloud connection

Spotty connection? No problem

Only project changes are uploaded and downloaded in Central, not the entire master model. Data is transferred in small chunks to overcome weak internet connections. If signal is lost during an update, data transfer will simply pause and resume once reconnected.

Central staged approval process

Staged Approval Processes

Move projects through your organisation’s processes using project stages. Assign colours to easily identify stages in the project history, making it easy to view and report progress.

Seequent Central Stories

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Central Includes

Central Browser

Visualise, share, and collaborate on geological models.

Seequent Central Browser

Central Data Room

Store, version control, and manage all project files.

Seequent Central Portal

Central Portal

Manage all project and assign roles, connectors, and permissions.

Do More

Central is directly integrated with:

Leapfrog GeoLeapfrog WorksLeapfrog Geothermal

“I can’t see that we could go back to not using Central. We would lose a tremendous amount of time and capability.”

David RoweResource Geologist, First Majestic Silver Corp

“We used to spend, literally, hours trying to find the right versions and track the right versions on the server, now we always know exactly what the latest version is”

Wayne BarnettPrincipal Structural Geologist at SRK Consulting

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