Meet Seequent Evo

To build a better future, we must understand the challenges facing our Earth.

Everything must come together to make better decisions for our industries, and the planet. Barriers can no longer exist.
Which is why Seequent is evolving with Seequent Evo.

It's time to evolve the way you work.

Seequent Evo is a vision for the future of geoscience software.

We understand geoscience. And we are partnering with world-leaders to build a connected ecosystem of solutions – bringing all data and applications into one ecosystem. An ecosystem with shared APIs and frictionless services.

It’s not one single tool, platform or solution, it’s what links them together.

Seequent Evo spans our desktop and Cloud applications, APIs, and exciting new micro-capabilities (like Seequent notifications and web visualisation). It is not just for geoscientists and engineers – it’s for data scientists, IT managers, developers, and stakeholders.

When everything can come together across teams and project stages, you can make better business decisions – whatever challenges you face.

When will Seequent Evo be available?

It’s already here, and it’s evolving every day.

Seequent Evo is the ecosystem supporting our existing and future solutions, and our APIs. You might even use elements of it yourself – such as Seequent Central.

With our accessible APIs, Seequent Evo allows you to bring your data into any Seequent solution and into industry-leading geoscience and engineering partner applications.

Whether you’re a Seequent customer wanting to optimise your time, or a potential partner waiting to access new markets – you can get involved.

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