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Seequent Evo is the connected future

of technology for the subsurface


A cloud-based ecosystem which enables

industries to collaborate and manage

geoscience data in a single space

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It all starts with data

Imagine a workflow where all your software and data connects seamlessly and your favourite tools are always on-hand. Where data in one application is easily modelled in another.

Time consuming work-arounds – including import/exports – will be a thing of the past as workflows are automated and solutions are integrated.

Seequent Evo provides the foundation for connected workflows between Seequent and third-party applications. It will bring teams together through a unified data platform, with collaborative workspaces and secure, efficient data storage and hosting.

Whether you’re a Seequent customer wanting to optimise your time, or a potential partner waiting to access new markets – you can get involved. Learn more.

Dive deeper into Seequent Evo by reading our article  The Evolving Ecosystem Explained.

Seequent Evo puts your data at the heart of your workflow

Seequent Evo is for geo-professionals, engineers, data scientists, IT managers, developers, and stakeholders.

Connected Workflows

Whether you’re an existing customer, developer, or partner, you can connect your data through the Seequent ecosystem. We’re currently working hard to build connected workflows and other emerging functionality.

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Developer Tools

Whether you’re a customer wanting seamlessly connect solutions or automate tasks, or a partner wanting to build a unique integration – we are building developer tools to make your life easier.

The Seequent Developer Portal showcases Seequent APIs which give you the tools to build, connect and enhance geoscience workflows.

Technology Partner Program

You can become part of a unique community to share insights and develop ground-breaking solutions for the subsurface.

Together, we can bring customers innovative integrations which will boost their business and yours.

Find out more about our Technology Partner Program.

Powered by Seequent Evo

We are currently developing the foundational capability or our ecosystem, as well as new products, powered by Seequent Evo, in order to solve specific challenges.

You can find out more about Seequent Evo technology here.



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What can you expect from an evolving ecosystem?

As a collective, the Seequent Evo community – we mean you, our customers, developers, partners and Seequent – is building the connected future of technology for the subsurface.

The Seequent Evo ecosystem will continue to grow and evolve over time guided by the following key principles;


Empowering geo-professionals through simple, accessible solutions


Connecting all data to enable seamless & frictionless workflows


Data credibility and integrity in a fast, reliable, security compliant environment


There is power in bringing a collective of like-minded professionals together to solve big problems


Pushing the boundaries through innovation, agility and always thinking to the future.

To learn more about the Seequent Evo ecosystem, enquire below.

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