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Detect and classify targets with UXO Land & UX-Analyze

Accurately locate unexploded ordnance (UXO) with onshore magnetic, electromagnetic, and advanced electromagnetic induction data.

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Trusted by the US Army Corps of Engineers and their UXO contractors for the US Military Munitions Response Program for over 20 years.

Digging and remediation costs have been reduced by up to 80% on US Department of Defence munition response sites using UX-Analyze.

Ensure high quality data

Simple things like instrument noise, steel-toed boots, and flopping cables can cause data inconsistencies. Perform quality assurance checks during geophysical surveys that ensure data integrity before you leave the site.

Automate repetitive, error-prone activities during data processing and analysis with scripting tools.

Save time and costs

A large portion of UXO remediation costs come from removing targets that, upon excavation, are considered false alarms. Analyse and classify targets to determine which are clutter vs. UXO, allowing for better informed decisions and project cost reductions.

Feel confident about public safety

UXO surveys have to be done right to guarantee the safety of the public. Know that when you sign off, your data is defensible, and the site is clear for use.

Searching for UXO offshore?

Locate UXO, utilities, and debris using marine magnetic and gradiometer data – with precision.

Discover UXO Marine

“It's a very comprehensive data processing and earth mapping system that has specialised workflows for the types of data we deal with on munitions response projects.”

Tamir KlaffCH2M Hill

“[Seequent] provides a complete solution for UXO projects. It's very robust and allows you to manage large volumes of data. That's critical to our ability to operate with limited budgets.”

John BreznickNAEVA Geophysics

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Your complete workflow for onshore UXO surveys

From survey planning to site investigation to final report, UXO Land helps streamline your project. Handle large volumes of data, manage, track, and share your results in a single, collaborative environment.

UXO extensions require Oasis montaj.

QA/QC instruments and data

Prevent resurveying and improve productivity in UXO investigations. Use a comprehensive set of quality assurance and quality control tools to identify and correct instrument and acquisition errors.

Apply corrections and filters to remove unwanted noise or signal from your data.

Apply lag, heading, sensor offset, and base station corrections to remove unwanted signal from data.

Meet government data quality standards when collecting, processing, and analysing data for US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) projects and other international standards.

Process big data, fast

Easily and efficiently import data from the latest survey instruments. Process your data in real time and apply numerous filters and enhancements.

UXO extensions align with leading instrument manufacturers, such as Geometrics and Geonics, to keep up with advancements in the collection of large volumes of multi-sensor array data.

Pre-process large volume total field and vertical gradient magnetic survey data as well as EM61 survey data.

Analyse and manage UXO targets

Pick targets from both magnetic and EM data. Apply manual and automated target picking to profile or gridded data. Calculate the depths, sizes, and forward model of the response to gain more insight about your targets.

Use a variety of tools that make target list management easy and fast. Depth and size calculations help to characterise UXO targets and provide more accurate location. Measure the anomaly size by calculating the distance from the peak of an anomaly to its first inflection point.

Visualise your targets

View your data in 1D profiles, 2D grids, or 3D views. When working with lots of targets, having your map dynamically linked to your database can aid in your interpretation of your results.

3D maps allow you to plot your targets based on their apparent depth and estimated size calculations.

Plan effective surveys

Access a variety of tools to streamline survey planning and progress reporting. Use multi-sensor positioning corrections, lag, heading, sensor offset, base station, and filters.

Create UXO target maps for visualisation and display of target locations and reporting. Track and log all data processing as a historical archive record.

Quickly locate unexploded ordnance (UXO) with onshore magnetic, electromagnetic, and advanced electromagnetoic data.

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Classify targets with UX-Analyze

Compare your data to a comprehensive database of known target characteristics with the UX-Analyze classification add-on for UXO Land. Work with advanced electromagnetic induction (EMI) sensor data.

Increase accuracy and reduce risks in UXO clearance with geophysical target analysis and classification.

Use the UX-Analyze extension to:

  • Set project parameters
  • Import the target data
  • Define and refine anomaly footprints
  • Perform data corrections
  • Batch fitting a list of targets
  • Inspect and refine existing targets
  • Classify targets
  • Manage target lists
  • Produce maps and a progress report

Developed in partnership with Acorn Science & Innovation. 

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