To meet the global demand for energy from renewable and hydrocarbon resources, energy companies have expanded their exploration to deeper, more remote and complex environments. Seequent’s Energy solutions support geoscientists to increase insight and reduce risk in energy exploration with integrated and interactive geoscience analysis and visualisation.

Seequent’s Geothermal Energy solutions support geoscientists across the full geothermal lifecycle from exploration and feasibility to development and production. Our solutions include workflow based geological modelling, data management and collaborative visualisation to help drive clarity in decision making for geothermal development.

Seequent’s Energy geophysical solutions empower the explorer with a complete suite of tools to plan, process, analyze and model their gravity and magnetic data, in order to better image the subsurface and de-risk their exploration projects.

Energy Solutions


To learn more about solutions for integrated and interactive geoscience analysis, and interpretation for subsurface and subsea applications of geophysical data, view our Geosoft solution suite.

Geosoft Solutions

Geological Modelling

To learn more about solutions for resource delineation, geological modelling, understanding reservoir dynamics, well targeting, reservoir simulation, data management, model auditability & tracking, and collaborative technologies, view our Leapfrog solution suite.

Leapfrog Solutions

Geotechnical engineering

GeoStudio solves diverse geotechnical engineering problems for the safe design and construction of geothermal plant infrastructure. The intergration of pore water pressure modelling with slope stability, stress and deformation models along with air and thermal processes provides rigorous analysis for site engineers.

To learn more about these capabilities view our GeoStudio solution suite.

GeoStudio Solutions

Data Management & Collaboration

Central is a data management solution that helps you visualise, track and manage your geological data from a centralised, auditable environment.

Central brings project teams together, helps you stay connected and enables your team to make confident decisions, when it matters most.

Seequent Central

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