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Apps, Software & Services

Get the latest updates, and read about the requirements for running them.

Product Downloads and Updates

Read the highlights of the latest product upgrades and get links to download the latest software.

Latest Updates

Read more about the newest version of our solutions and technology including highlights for each product.

What's New

Software Downloads

Get the latest versions of all Seequent tools and software, including Leapfrog, Geosoft, and Geoslope.

Software Downloads

Requirements & Administration

Learn the best ways to use Seequent solutions to solve some of your most complex problems.

System Requirements

Find out more about the requirements for your computer running Seequent applications.

System Requirements

Supported Data/Formats

Supported kinds of data and formats that you can use with Seequent software & services.

Data Types/Formats

IT Administrators

If you need to know information relating to server requirements, network details and more.

Server & Admin Information

Standards and Certifications

Versions of our software that have been validated or certified to meet the specific needs of organisations or accreditations.

Standards & Certifications

ID & Profile

to your Seequent ID, and modify your profile online.

Seequent ID

A simple and secure way to access and manage your essential geoscience solutions

Create & Manage

Update your profile information, or create a new Seequent ID if you haven’t yet.

Manage Your ID

About Seequent ID

Use your Seequent ID to access your solutions, manage your info, and update security options.

Seequent ID

Transitioning to ID

Learn about the process to transition from dongle-based access.

Transitioning from Dongle

Help & Training

Learn the best way to solve complex problems, and contact Seequent support.

Help & Support

Learn the best ways to use Seequent solutions to solve some of your most complex problems.

Search our Knowledgebase

Access online support and help resources – learn how to install, configure, and use our products.

Seequent, Leapfrog & GeosoftGeoStudio

Submit a Support Request

Get in touch with your local Seequent support team, if you have questions or need help.

Support Request

Training & Guides

Learn the best ways to use Seequent solutions to solve some of your most complex problems.

Training Resources

Learn how to gain rich insights from your geological data, using Seequent solutions.

Training Options

Events & Webinars

Learn about Seequent product use cases, best practices and Q&A with these webinars and training sessions.

Upcoming Events

Subscriptions & Billing

Manage your subscriptions & billing, or update payment details.

Manage & Monitor Your Users

Check your usage and manage your users online.

Manage Geosoft Users

If you are a Geosoft license administrator, you can manage your users.

My Geosoft Administrator

Leapfrog License Monitor

If you are a Leapfrog Works User or Licence Administrator, you can check your usage.

License Monitor

Manage Subscriptions

Some Seequent services and solutions are available for online purchase, contact us to talk about the best options for you.

Leapfrog Daily Licensing

Pay & Go Daily Licensing is a flexible licence option to access Leapfrog when you need to.

Daily Licensing

Geosoft Subscriptions

You can manage your Geosoft subscriptions online in My Geosoft.

Manage Subscriptions

VOXI Subscriptions

Purchase a VOXI subscription online, including options for pay-as-you-go.

Purchase VOXI

Billing & Payments

To update your billing setup, or payment options, contact us to talk about the best options for you.