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Following our limited early adopter program for VOXI 2.5D Time Domain EM, Oasis montaj 9.9 now includes improvements to the user experience, algorithm robustness, and computation speed.

Forward and inverse modelling in 2.5D is available for a limited time as a beta function to VOXI Time Domain EM subscribers. VOXI 2.5D Time Domain EM will be a breakthrough for users of TDEM data in 3D geological environments, including hard rock, saltwater intrusion and contamination mapping. Utilising a new scientifically robust algorithm from respected Research Scientist, Dr. Robert Ellis, it also benefits from faster computing in the cloud.

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Learn more about the recent enhancements in the Geosoft 9.9 release. This webinar is the best place to learn how the new functionality can improve efficiency in your workflows, give you more flexibility and help you make decisions faster. Webinar ...
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Presented by Geoff Plastow – Senior Geophysicist (28:50) ...
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Learn how to improve your VOXI Earth Models with impactful constraints. Start with the basics, and build up to Geologically constrained model. Kanita Khaled, Geophysicist at Seequent ...
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