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A better understanding of the earth creates a better world for all

Seequent brings together industry-leading earth modelling, geo-data management, and team collaboration software to make better decisions across the lifecycle of projects.

About Seequent

Industry Solutions

In over 100 countries, industry professionals are using Seequent technologies to tackle challenges in the geosciences – and they’re delivering powerful results.


Mining and exploration software that helps you make critical decisions across the lifecycle of projects.

Mining Solutions


Bring together geotechnical teams to communicate a shared understanding of civil projects.

Civil Solutions


Bring together teams and data to make the most informed decisions for environmental challenges.

Environmental Solutions


Accelerate your sustainable energy initiatives with clarity on the subsurface

Energy Solutions

Recent Stories

Case Studies

How Leapfrog Geothermal is helping define the Paris Basin’s energy future

Joris Popineau and his team have created a geothermal numerical model of the Paris Basin…

Forensic analysis team simulates high-profile dam failure in GeoStudio  

It was impossible to foresee what began as heavy rainfall on 18 May, 2020, would…

Integrated Workflow for Investigating Slope Stability in Open Pit Mines

Demonstrates how the Seequent software ecosystem allows for the use of Leapfrog, Central, and GeoStudio…