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Academic Program

Add experience with industry-leading subsurface software to your CV

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Join an international network of students, educators, and researchers using Seequent software to advance our understanding of the subsurface.

We believe a better understanding of the Earth creates a better world for all. That’s why we support those at the forefront of knowledge with software at little to no cost.

How can Seequent software help my research?

Subsurface software also helps you gain more from your data, in less time. Visualising and communicating data to various audiences is key to getting your research out into the world.

Digital skills are a must today with future employers and academic supervisors. Get ahead of your peers by adding experience with industry-leading software to your CV.

We’ll get you up to speed quickly. You’ll be supported with on-demand training videos, webinars, and support articles to help you succeed with our software.

Academic licenses are available for both:

Research Projects

Licenses for those conducting detailed and extended subsurface research through a qualifying education institution, ideal for PhD students.

Classroom teaching and learning

For those teaching or learning geoscience in qualifying educational institutions.

Which software is right for me?

Seequent’s integrated geoscience software is widely used across the mining, civil, environmental, and energy industries. Whether you’re teaching or studying geology, geophysics, geotechnical, geothermal, or geostatistics – discover the software that’s right for your research here: 

Leapfrog Geo

Built for the mining industry, rapidly integrate, communicate, and interpret geological data with industry-leading 3D modelling.

Extensions available with this academic license:

  • Leapfrog Edge
  • Geophysics
  • Hydro
  • IoGas

Leapfrog Works

Discover dynamic 3D geological modelling designed specifically for civil infrastructure and environmental projects. See visual trends in your data and communicate them clearly with stakeholders of any technical level using 3D models, videos, and 2D cross sections.

Extensions available with this academic license:

  • Contaminants extension
  • Geophysics
  • Hydro

Leapfrog Energy

Leapfrog Energy is an intuitive, workflow-based 3D subsurface modelling software that enables you to build and refine models – fast. Make intelligent decisions about your resource with well targeting, numerical modelling, and reservoir simulation in a single 3D model.

Extensions available with this academic license:

  • Leapfrog Edge


Interpret complex geo-engineering problems with GeoStudio where you can analyse slope stability, ground deformation, and heat and mass transfer in a single project. Plus, create your own GeoStudio by selecting the tools you need to analyse and visualize data.


Solve common and complex geotechnical problems in soil and rock, including advanced analysis for excavations, foundations, tunnels, and other infrastructure projects with PLAXIS.

Oasis montaj + extensions

Process, visualise, and interpret over 50 geophysical data types and perform integrated model analysis with over 25 application-specific extensions developed for mineral discovery, energy, and subsea exploration.

AGS Workbench 

Optimize your workflow with a purpose-built inversion solution for electrical and electromagnetic data. Compare results to boreholes, geophysical logs and other EM/ERT data to make more informed subsurface decisions.

AGS Res2DInv and Res3DInv 

Rapidly process and invert your data in just two clicks with the fastest resistivity and induced polarization (IP) inversion algorithms on the market. Advanced users can take advantage of more complex processing and visualisation functionality in this well-known, optimised, and robust solution.

Apply for the Seequent academic program today

Am I eligible for Seequent’s academic program?

We provide special software licenses at a heavily reduced rate to support students and educators. Subscriptions are for non-commercial use only.

To qualify for the program:

  • You must attend or be employed by a qualified educational institution. A qualified educational institution is accredited by an authorized government agency within its applicable locale, state, federal, or national government, whose primary purpose is the teaching of enrolled students, and which grants recognised academic degrees.
  • You must have an academic institution email address
  • If you’re a student, license usage must be managed by an employee of the University
  • Your research findings should be publicly available and published in open literature
  • Seequent must be acknowledged as appropriate on your published research and any presentations

What is the application process?

Click “Apply now” and fill out the form. Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis.
Subscriptions are issued on an annual basis and must be renewed every year.

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