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Optimize Your Ground-Based TEM and VES (DC/IP) Data Analysis with AGS SPIA

Advanced ground-based transient electromagnetic (TEM) and vertical electrical sounding (VES) survey data processing and inversion

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Optimized ground-based TDEM and VES (DC/IP) processing and inversion

AGS SPIA, a versatile processing and inversion software, is designed for ground-based Time-domain Electromagnetic (TEM) and Direct Current/Induced Polarisation (VES) data. Integrating the robust and fast AarhusInv inversion code, SPIA features a user-friendly graphical interface, facilitating the editing of data and models directly within the software. This innovative platform supports a range of inversion methods, including Resistivity, Cole-Cole, and Maximum Phase Angle (MPA), catering to TEM data affected by IP effects.

Efficient and Reliable Ground-Based TEM Inversion

SPIA excels in the inversion of ground-based Time-domain Electromagnetic (TEM) data. Incorporating the AarhusInv inversion code enables fast and automated inversion and advanced inversion setup tailored for Resistivity, Cole-Cole, and Maximum Phase Angle (MPA) inversions.

This functionality is especially useful for TEM data affected by Induced Polarization effects, making SPIA a trusted and efficient tool for geophysicists focused on ground-based TEM data analysis.

SPIA supports many data and instrument formats for TEM data.

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Advanced Visualization and Export Features for TEM Data

SPIA enhances the interpretation of ground-based TEM data with its advanced visualization capabilities. Users can effortlessly plot electromagnetic data in various units, such as raw dB/dt, stacked dB/dt, and apparent resistivity.

Additionally, the software’s robust export functions allow for the seamless transition of processed data and inversion models into PDF reports and visual formats, including PDF, PNG, CSV, and ASCII files.

This integration with Aarhus Workbench Essentials further augments data representation, offering geophysicists a complete package for detailed TEM data analysis and presentation.

Simplified DC/IPVES Data Processing and Analysis

SPIA’s user-friendly approach to Direct Current/Induced Polarisation (DC/IPVES) data processing simplifies the import and analysis of DC and IP data and supports a range of file formats and electrode configurations.

Its intuitive interface allows for easy data entry, either manually or from external files, and provides robust processing tools for accurate analysis. This makes SPIA an essential tool for professionals who require efficient and reliable handling of DC/IPVES data in their geophysical studies.

Comprehensive Data Support and Export Options in DC/IPVES Analysis

For DC/IPVES data, SPIA provides comprehensive data support and export options. It facilitates the import of data from various sources, including Abem SAS instruments, and accommodates all four-electrode configurations.

The software’s strength lies in its ability to convert complex data sets into accessible formats for analysis and reporting. With the option to export models and data in multiple formats such as PDF, PNG, CSV, and ASCII, AGS SPIA ensures that users have the flexibility and tools necessary for thorough DC/IPVES data analysis and effective communication of results.

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Quickly transform raw data into interpretation

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Versatile Inversion

Supports a variety of methods including Resistivity, Cole-Cole, and MPA, suitable for both ground-based TEM systems and all 4-electrode configurations in DC/IP data.

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User-Friendly Graphical Interface

Simplified data processing and model editing across TEM and VES  datasets.

Advanced-Data Visualization

Multiple plotting options for TEM data and precise localization for data using EPSG and Open Street Maps.

Central visually compare versions

Efficient Data Import and Export

Easy import including compatibility with many TEM instruments and formats and the Abem SAS instruments voe VES dta.Rxport in PDF, PNG, CSV, and ASCII formats.

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Robust Processing Tools

Comprehensive noise and spike filtering, ensuring data clarity and accuracy.

Central access project data anywhere

Licensing Options

SPIA consist of a TEM and a VES extension which are available as shared licenses.

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