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Two construction workers using tablet computer during road development on construction site

Application of resistivity and gravity to map cavities and low-density zones

The resistivity data will be inverted in Res2DInv, while the gravity data will be processed using Oasis montaj and inverted ...
Workbench 2024.1

Workbench 2024.1 – What’s New

The latest release of Workbench streamlines the workflow for processing and interpreting electromagnetic (EM) data. This version offers a more ...
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A picture of a helicopter TEM EM Geophysics survey

Geophysics for Groundwater: Tools for Contamination and Aquifer Detection

Discover how to leverage DCIP and TEM survey data for effective aquifer location and contamination detection in our on-demand webinar ...
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Res2DInv 2024.1 Screenshot of results

See what’s new in AGS Res2DInv 2024.1

Res2DInv 2024.1 continues to improve the processing and analysis of ERT/IP geophysical survey data, making the journey from data collection ...
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Rehearsing the hunt for water in the volcanic tuffs of Somotillo

Rehearsing the hunt for water in the volcanic tuffs of Somotillo

To help the Living Water teams become shrewder and sharper well-hunters with Res2DInv, the organisation arranged a training session in ...
Living Water Dipole-dipole results alongside the clinic

When in doubt, follow the science, find the water

Seequent’s geophysical inversion software AGS Res2DInv has been the key to unlocking bigger, better water supplies for parched communities across ...
AGS Workbench 6.9 screenshot

See what’s new in AGS Workbench 6.9

The latest release of Workbench continues to improve the data processing and analysis experience with better processing tools, new TEM ...
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Screenshot of Res2DInv Introduction Webinar

Introduction to Res2DInv 5.0 Webinar

Join our lead Res2DInv developer as he takes you on a journey through the software's history and transition to a ...
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