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Res2DInv 2024.1 Screenshot of results

See what’s new in AGS Res2DInv 2024.1

Res2DInv 2024.1 continues to improve the processing and analysis of ERT/IP geophysical survey data, making the journey from data collection ...
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Screenshot of Res2DInv Introduction Webinar

Introduction to Res2DInv 5.0 Webinar

Join our lead Res2DInv developer as he takes you on a journey through the software's history and transition to a ...
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A gif showing the Seequent and AGS logos for the launch of Res2DINV 5.0

Introducing AGS Res2DInv 5.0

Say goodbye to the endless data cleaning, model running, and result-checking cycle. With AGS Res2DInv 5.0, you can customise your ...
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A screenshot of A Data Profile in Seequent's AGS Res2DInv 5.0 3D Viewer

Explore the new AGS Res2DInv 5.0 user interface and visualisation capabilities

With Res2DInv 5.0, users can process data and run inversions quicker than ever with the simplified workflow and new processing ...
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A photograph of wind turbines in the ocean

Fugro supports the future of sustainable energy infrastructure with new resistivity survey technology

Fugro’s latest innovation in geophysical technology, WAGEO, together with Seequent’s AGS Res2DInv software can unlock crucial geo-data insights for more ...
Setting the standard in geophysical modeling

Setting the standard in geophysical modeling

As new technologies are being developed to acquire geological data, Seequent is creating better ways for geoscientists to process and ...
How ERT and Seequent helped bring healthier water to a Spanish seaside town

How ERT and Seequent helped bring healthier water to a Spanish seaside town

Coastal communities often face unique challenges over access to fresh water. There are new, better, non-intrusive ways of exploring and ...