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Validate data insights with Imago

Easily access, collaborate, and validate drillhole and sample data using your high-quality geoscientific images

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Enabling better decision making in drilling and mining

Capture better images, faster

Imago streamlines your core logging process and saves time by enabling you to capture consistent, high-quality images of your drillhole core. The fast, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface means more time can be spent on the tasks that matter.

Imago controls your camera, captures the images for you, and automatically transfers them to your laptop or PC meaning no more manual handling of your core imagery.

View your instantly accessible catalogue, anywhere

Imago processes your core imagery efficiently and automatically labels, inspects, auto-crops, and stores your images, removing the need for manual handling and delivering a cloud-based virtual coreshed that can be shared or viewed anywhere, any time.

You can extract meaningful insights from your images and validate your decisions long after drilling is complete.

Support interpretation and modelling

Imago is fully agnostic and can be integrated with your geological tool of choice, including Leapfrog, MX Deposit, Oasis montaj, Target, and more. This seamless integration with geological data and modelling tools provides instant access to images that offer rich information to support and validate geology information while you are building your geological models.

Capture high-quality geoscientific images of your core to validate your drillhole and sample data

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Extract meaningful insights from your geoscientific imagery and connect them to your modelling workflows

Consistent Quality

Capture quality images of your drill core and chip – Imago controls your camera and its setup, ensuring consistency.

Instant Processing

Images are automatically cropped, named, and catalogued once captured, saving you time so you can spend it on interpretation.

Superior Viewing

The quality of Imago images means you will preserve the original observations made when first collecting your core.

Agile Operation

Imago Capture works offline too making it a great solution for remote exploration sites or mature mining environments.


Assays and log data displayed right alongside your images in the Imago viewer. You can continuously validate logs and assays using the original images of your core.


Integrating Imago with your geology software of choice provides instant access to imagery that’s full of rich information to support your modelling and interpretation.


What hardware should I buy?


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Imaging Stations

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Hardware Selection

View the Imago Hardware Selection flowchart to help you with selecting the right hardware for your organisation’s needs.

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Hardware Suppliers

Dynamics G-Ex is an international geological supplies company headquartered in Australia that supplies drilling programs anywhere in the world. Their geological field and exploration products are used by some of the world’s top mining professionals, geologists and fieldies.
Dynamics has a Research and Development team that would welcome suggestions from the end users of their products about either improvements or new product suggestions that would make your life easier in the field. Dynamics G-Ex has the following hardware options available for your Imago set-up:
CoreSafe Core Solutions supplies core trays and their Casper core photography system to the exploration industry around the world.
CASPER is a camera-to-the-core mobile core tray photography system. With fitted wheels that hug the roller racking, CASPER can roll up and down the racks all day. Your Camera, PC, and light shroud all remain correctly configured and ready to go, even when, and every time you move it.
There is also the Table Top CASPER solution, which is much the same as the roller table version. The difference is that there is no need to match wheel heights to the railings and V Channel of the roller table.
Westernex is one of the largest mining and exploration supply organisations in the world. The company was established 30 years ago to service the Western Australian mining industry with exploration and geological consumables.
Today, its flagship line of products – including core trays and core tray photography accessories, core saws, sample bags, marking paint and geological tools – is exported to mining corporations, exploration companies, geological teams and supply chains across the world, often in incredibly remote places.
Westernex answers an international demand for sourcing difficult-to-find products and parts, using its vast supplier contact list to become a one-stop global shop for clients.

See how customers are succeeding with Imago


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Useful Information

Solutions For

  • Boart Longyear
  • Datarock
  • Deswik
  • MaxGeo

Imago has a public API that can be used to connect other geology tools to Imago.
Any additional connections established by the user are not supported by, or the responsibility of, Seequent.

Extract meaningful insights from your geoscientific imagery and connect them to your modelling workflows

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