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In this webinar we look at how you can seamlessly integrate your photographic data stored in Imago with your Leapfrog models.

Photographic data, while being an important requirement of the reporting and compliance process, is often an underutilised resource. Two of Seequent’s products, Imago and Leapfrog provide a solution to incorporate photographic data into your Leapfrog modelling process, ensuring all data is considered during the modelling process, and not just as a validation tool after modelling has been completed.

Seamlessly integrating your photographic data with your Leapfrog models, provides both a validation tool, as well as a guide when building your geological models. This will ultimately minimise unintentional discrepancies between observation and interpretation and provide a better understanding of the geological controls on mineralisation, which is key to creating a successful interpretation of your deposit.

Dust off that photographic data, it is time to put it to work!



Sophie Tie
Data Solution Specialist, Seequent

Joel Vergunst
Project Geologist, Seequent


42 mins

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