What's new in Leapfrog Works 2021.1

Leapfrog has received major improvements for this release with multiple borehole datasets, section enhancements for creation and editing with a more intuitive workflow and improved time-based data points for the Contaminants extension.

A powerful new optional add on, the Geophysics extension, allows you to seamlessly integrate GPR data stored in SEG-Y format into your civil engineering workflows.

Other highlights include new support for mesh interconnectivity with future releases of GeoStudio, and further enhancements to the vein tool for modeling thin layers and fault zones.

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The latest release of Leapfrog software has arrived and includes a plethora of new features. 2D Mesh Merging is one of the new features to arrive this October. This feature is available across all Leapfrog products including the new Leapfrog ...
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It is not often in geology that mineralisation or geological units behave in a consistent planar fashion. This article aims to give users an introduction to the application of structural trends and how they can be applied to a model ...
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Why correlate and interpret boreholes?
One common issue encountered in the geologic world is the need to make geologic interpretations of existing data. In many cases, it is necessary to correlate between boreholes and geophysical data as part of the data ...
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The latest release of Seequent’s Leapfrog software has arrived! This new release focuses on improving daily workflows with new simple and intuitive tools. One of the top new features to arrive in October is Freeze/Unfreeze. This feature is available across ...
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Seequent Civil and Environmental Customer Solutions Specialist, Gary Johnson, works out of our Denver, Colorado office. Spending much of his time assisting with customer support, he has come across a number of questions regarding gINT imports via an ODBC data ...
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One question that often arises when first getting started in Leapfrog Works is, “how can I use my existing data in Leapfrog Works?”. While there are endless ways to use your data in Works, this blog post will detail a ...
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Bring your project to life in 3D and obtain volumes for your excavation. Leapfrog has the tools to support you whether you are trying to visualise an existing excavation, or determine material volumes for a planned excavation. In this ...
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Leapfrog allows you to view everything in a single 3D scene with an intuitive and logical workflow. The planned borehole tool is perfect for projects where you have existing models and would like to plan for future work and/or identify ...
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Unstable slopes are created anywhere material is being excavated or added to a landscape. With modelling and analysis, the risks to infrastructure can be mitigated. Did you know it’s possible to easily build a geological model, generate a slope stability ...
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In addition to interpolation, Leapfrog provides two tools that gives you control over the continuity of grade in your numeric models. These are the “Global Trend”, and the more advanced “Structural Trend” ...
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Did you know your geological model does not need to have a basic set of rectangular extents? Seequent Civil and Environmental Customer Solutions Manager – Michaela Crum, explains how… One interesting question our Customer Solutions Specialist team gets asked is ...
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Learn about cross sections from Leapfrog to GeoStudio Benefits
  • Easily utilise your 3D geological models from Leapfrog to define your 2D geometry for your analysis in Geostudio
  • Save time without needing to define the geometry from scratch
  • Consistency between your 3D ...
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The launch of Leapfrog 2021.1 introduces a powerful new capability supporting the import of SEG-Y data. This new workflow enables geoscientists to visualise and conduct basic interpretation with depth converted GPR and seismic data in the context of a multidisciplinary ...
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The launch of Leapfrog Works 3.1 introduced a new optional add on, the Contaminants extension. The extension is an intuitive and easy to learn solution to help you characterise land and groundwater contaminant plumes right inside your Leapfrog project. In ...
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