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Accurately detect offshore targets with UXO Marine

Locate unexploded ordnance (UXO), utilities, and debris with marine magnetic and gradiometer data.

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Your specialised workflow for offshore UXO target detection

Ensure the safety of your projects while minimising expenses. Save on expensive clearance and diving costs with software designed to process and analyse marine geophysical surveys to detect UXO.

Rapidly process large data sets

Easily process and map large volumes of magnetic and vertical gradiometer data. Automate repetitive processes to easily transform and visualise data sets of any size. Quickly locate, select, and analyse the most likely UXO marine targets.

Ensure high quality data

Correct for navigation issues at sea. Run quality assurance and quality control on instruments and data. Locate and analyse UXO targets with precision. Optimise seabed surveys from planning to data collection to reporting.

Apply specialised tools

UXO Marine is designed for marine surveyors working with individual sensors and multi-sensor arrays, as well as multiple gradient and horizontal gradient gradiometers. Process and visualise magnetometer and gradiometer data for effective target detection and analysis in marine surveys.

The UXO Marine extension requires Oasis montaj.

“Oasis montaj with the UXO Marine extension is the best tool on the market for efficiently dealing with large-scale marine UXO surveys on a daily basis.”

Dr. Kay WinkelmannConsulting Engineer for UXO Detection

“We clear the seabed so they can go ahead and lay their pipes and/or cables for their installation. The software is easy to use and it works. We have detected dozens of UXOs with UXO Marine on several major projects over the past year.”

David MurraySurvey and Inspection Data Centre Manager for N-Sea

See UXO Marine in action:

Locate unexploded ordnance (UXO), utilities, and debris with marine magnetic and gradiometer data with precision.

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High performance software for marine magnetic data

Correct data for navigation problems

Automatically position all sensors in multi-sensor arrays and apply a variety of navigation corrections.

Adjust magnetic data to a constant “altitude” above the seafloor with a specialised draping tool to gain a consistent analysis from line to line, and along each survey line.

Fast, accurate data QA/QC

Ensure your data quality with instrument tests and automated QA/QC processes. Correct sensor positioning using lag and offset tools, and level mag sensors to each other. Enhance the data with filtering and residuals for noise and background removal.

Process large data volumes easily

Rapidly process your data to optimise target picking and analysis. Process data in profile form for wide line spacings (often the case in gradient surveys) or in 2D grids for surveys with full area coverage. Reduce noise and produce a cleaner analytical signal for automated and manual target picking.

Select UXO targets with confidence

Interactively add, delete, or move targets in profile or map views.

Pick targets automatically from profiles or gridded data using specialised Analytic Signal tools. Automatically find the closest peak to the selected location when manually picking targets from profile data.

Visualise and select UXO targets

Model magnetic anomalies to estimate target locations and depths. Automated inversion modelling supports the sparse data commonly seen in many marine magnetic and gradiometer surveys, and provides output of magnetic moment and apparent size to help you select targets with precision.

Produce specialised reports and maps

Rotate a map’s data view in any direction so that North is not necessarily at the top of the page. Create maps that have the map boundary parallel to the survey direction or maximise the coverage of the map for long narrow surveys.

Increase some visualisation and data processing speeds by an order of magnitude or more. 

UXO Marine includes modelling tools developed in partnership with Acorn Science and Innovation.

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Expand your UXO Solution

Add more capabilities with extensions for onshore UXO detection, analysis, and classification of targets.

UXO Land & UX-Analyze

The market leader for onshore UXO detection, analysis, and classification of targets. UX-Analyze meets the requirements of the US Department of Defence Advanced Geophysical Classification Accreditation Program (DAGCAP).

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