UXO solutions: Accurate detection

The trusted industry standard for assessment, analysis, and classification of UXO targets.

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Software solutions for onshore and offshore unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection, classification, and project planning.

Easily work with large geophysical data sets and streamline workflows for faster and more cost-effective results with Oasis montaj and UXO extensions.

Deliver fast, cost-effective results

Process, clean, and map magnetic and electromagnetic data – from UAV, land, and marine surveys.

Handle big survey data

Automate repetitive tasks, QA/QC instruments and data, and classify UXO targets with precision. Develop remedial action plans quickly.

Ensure public safety

Trusted for over 20 years by industry professionals, including the US Army Corps of Engineers for their Military Munitions Response Program.

Explore onshore and offshore UXO extensions

New geophysical sensors and sensor arrays can produce Terabytes of survey data. Combine the data processing power of Oasis montaj with workflows designed specifically for onshore and offshore UXO surveys.

UXO extensions require Oasis montaj.

UXO Land & UX-Analyze

The market leader for onshore UXO detection, analysis, and classification of targets. UX-Analyze meets the requirements of the US Department of Defence Advanced Geophysical Classification Accreditation Program (DAGCAP).

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UXO Marine

Industry standard workflows for the unique challenges of UXO target detection and analysis in offshore environments.

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Seequent is part of the National Association of Ordnance Contractors (NAOC).

Why use UXO software?

Data quality and targeting accuracy are key to effective surveying and remediation of UXO sites.

Digital geophysical surveys have been documented to drastically reduce the number of UXO with enhanced detection and accuracy by providing a detailed record of survey coverage, as well as a historical archive.

Download the UXO near surface and marine report to learn more.

“There's really no other software that's readily available that offers the data analysis tools we need. We have requirements in our contracts for very specific and very tight data quality requirements, and we need to be able to trust that the software is performing the tests correctly.”

Amy WalkerQuality assurance geophysicist, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Manual vs digital geophysical unexploded ordnance surveys

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