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The latest release of Oasis montaj includes new and improved support for UAV surveys, airborne QC, UXO detection, and TDEM data.

In this video the product owners walk through the following:

  • 0.10 UAV Survey Import Workflow – Tom Popowski
  • 2:30 Airborne QC Workflow Improvements – Tom Popowski
  • 3:40 UXO Marine, Side Scan Sonar – Darren Mortimer
  • 7:25 UX Analyze HDF V1 & Dynamic Classification – Darren Mortimer
  • 13:40 VOXI 2.5D TDEM and 2D Section Viewer – Farzaneh Farahan

VOXI 2.5D Time Domain EM is under development and not available for purchase.



  • Tom Popowski – Product Owner, Seequent
  • Darren Mortimer – Product Owner, Seequent
  • Farzaneh Farahani – Project Geophysicist, Seequent


30 minutes

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