Reports designed to bring you innovative thinking and industry relevant perspectives for those who have an interest in what’s going on beneath the surface.

Improved Sustainability for Industrial Minerals Report

An insider’s look at the 5 major challenges to industrial minerals mining sustainability and how to solve them.

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Contaminants extension eBook

This eBook includes expert insights to help you successfully navigate the five stages of building your contaminated site model: discover, define, design, operate, and restore.

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Low temp geothermal solution report

An insider’s look at the major challenges to Geothermal Energy production and how to solve them.

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Near surface & marine report

Finding and clearing buried grenades, artillery shells and other munitions – also known as unexploded ordnance (UXO) – can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming.

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The Data Management Challenge

How investing to improve geological data management in the mining industry will lead to better decisions and a positive impact on the bottom line.

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Unearthed: geoscience for good

Geoscience can hold the key to stopping Arctic ice sheets from melting, it can prevent long-dormant WWII bombs from exploding, it can help deliver cleaner, greener energy, it can bring fresh water to beleaguered refugees.

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Unearthed: water security

Water security is a topic that has increasingly concerned academia, government and NGOs in recent years – with good cause. Climate change, burgeoning populations and shifting lifestyles have all placed pressure on this critical resource.

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Unearthed: smart cities of the future

We explore future cities and the latest thinking and developments on building a sustainable city in the future.

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Unearthed: the age of data

How will smarter data transform Civil Engineering in the next five years? Learning to thrive in the data ecosystem.

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Unearthed: digital transformation

With digital transformation being a continued hot topic in the industry, Unearthed will share some interesting insights about the role that technology and innovation are playing today.

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Geoscience data management report

Geoscience data management is a key issue across many industries and while organizations recognize it as critical, they continue to struggle with the challenges it presents.

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