Better Data, Better Decisions
A role-by-role exploration special

Personalised data strategies for higher productivity, smarter drilling, efficient discovery and more confident decision making, whatever your job, position or challenge.

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This eBook includes a practical guide to:

  • Extracting value from historic data
  • Getting more from your core shed imagery
  • Turning your data around at the rig
  • Clearer, quicker, easier reporting
  • Fool proof your data sharing

In exploration, data can take a long and complex path from drillhole to decision, and from expense to asset.

At every stage there’s a new challenge to face, to nudge the entire project to success. There’s integrating and unpicking historic data to reveal the potential previous owners might have missed. Capturing data from the field or rig rapidly enough to make the agile decisions that cut costs. Ensuring core shed images are easily available, and at high enough quality, for remote working to be feasible and expensive trips to the site less necessary. Then there’s the rendering of that data into all the different forms required for analysis, reporting, and stakeholder input; from the office, to the boardroom, and beyond.

We’ve created this eBook in the hope of making that all important data journey smoother for your business and your teams. It’s divided into seven sections, each one offering practical tools to answer some classic exploration data challenges. We’ve also explored how a number of different Seequent solutions can add value at every step, while making the next one easier and more productive.

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