Seequent’s Environmental solutions are designed for water resource management and contaminated sites including industrial, agricultural and unexploded ordnance (UXO) applications.

Groundwater systems can comprise large areas, but sometimes only small amounts of data are available to work with, and you have to consult with and inform a wide variety of audiences.

Our solutions are designed to manage your geoscience data, visualise groundwater systems, including contaminant transport and mass, develop remediation strategies or understand the impact of water use, and manage and advise regulators and the general public.

Environmental Solutions


Geosoft solutions deliver advanced, integrated and interactive geoscience analysis and interpretation for subsurface and subsea applications of Geophysical data.

To learn about how geophysics can be applied for groundwater resource management or contaminated site characterization including specialist solutions for unexploded ordinance (UXO) view our Geosoft solution suite.

Geosoft Solutions

Geological Modelling

With Leapfrog Works you can see your subsurface in 3D including contamination plumes, consolidate your hydrogeological and environmental site investigation data, integrate 3D flow modelling and communicate and collaborate with stakeholders.

To learn more these capabilities view our Leapfrog solution suite.

Leapfrog Solutions

Environmental Success Stories

Civil Success

3D Model of Tham Luang Caves Created in Leapfrog Works

A Thailand-based Leapfrog Works user provided a 3D geological model of the Tham Luang cave…
Environmental Success

Leapfrog unearths the first 3D view of the Po Delta geology in Italy

3D Modelling of the Holocene Succession in the Southern Po Delta (Italy).

Safe Nuclear Waste Disposal

How do we safely dispose of spent nuclear fuel that has a half-life of thousands…