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Perform accurate 3D analysis for geotechnical engineering & rock mechanics with PLAXIS 3D

Trust the 3D geotechnical software that’s been proven in settlement, stress, and safety analysis for more than 25 years.

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Trust the 3D geotechnical software that’s been proven in settlement, stress, and safety analysis for more than 25 years.

PLAXIS is a user-friendly, finite element package with trusted computation that is used by geotechnical engineers globally.
PLAXIS 3D offers CAD-like drawing capabilities to help with the analysis of subsurface environments for geoengineering projects.
From excavations, embankments, foundations, tunneling, and mining, to reservoir geomechanics, users can determine the deformation and stability of geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics to assess the geotechnical risk.


PLAXIS 3D includes the most essential functionality to perform everyday deformation and safety analysis for soil and rock, which do not require the consideration of creep, steady state groundwater, consolidation analysis, or any time-dependent effects.

PLAXIS 3D Advanced

PLAXIS 3D Advanced includes everything that is included in PLAXIS 3D, plus enhances your geotechnical design capabilities with more advanced features and material models to consider creep or flow-deformation coupling through consolidation analysis. It also solves your problems faster than PLAXIS 3D with the multicore solver.

PLAXIS 3D Ultimate

Extend the capabilities of PLAXIS 3D Advanced to deal with the most challenging geotechnical projects. With PLAXIS 3D Ultimate you can analyze the effects of vibrations in the soil, like earthquakes and moving traffic loads. You can also simulate complex hydrological conditions through time-dependent variations of water levels or flow functions on flow functions on model boundaries, as well as soil boundaries.

PLAXIS 3D WorkSuite

PLAXIS 3D WorkSuite includes PLAXIS 3D Ultimate, PLAXIS 3D LE, and PLAXIS Designer.

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