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Legal & Privacy

Customer Terms

These terms apply to the use, access and licences for all products (and associated services) developed and distributed by Seequent.

These terms apply to all services (excluding those services covered by the Product Terms) provided by Seequent.

These Terms apply when you obtain entitlements or licences available via the My Seequent Store.

These terms apply to open training.

User terms

These are the terms that apply where a user accesses and uses products and services brought to you by Seequent.


Explains how we collect, use and disclose personal information about you.

Explains how and when we use cookies and similar technologies as part of the services provided by Seequent.

Developers & Partners

These legal terms related to Seequent APIs.


The code of conduct applies to all live and virtual events held by Seequent.

By registering to participate at Lyceum you agree to be bound by these Terms.