Oasis montaj 9.9

9.9 delivers a faster, more powerful version of Oasis montaj and Target to help solve today’s geophysical analysis challenges with ease. Updates to key algorithms add power for better performance and optimised workflows.

Streamlined essential elements and extensions deliver a smoother user experience, while improved interoperability and flexibility lay the building blocks for more to come. The MAGMAP extension, now called 2D Filtering, allows you to process all types of data and gives you enhanced capability with matched filter.

For a limited time, forward and inverse modelling in 2.5D is available as a beta capability as part of your VOXI Time Domain EM subscription.

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Welcome to Oasis montaj, to start, you need to complete a few simple steps.    Create your Seequent ID  Your Seequent ID is your business email address that is registered with Seequent. Your Seequent ID (email+password) gives you secure access to ...
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In Target and Oasis montaj, sometimes you need to create a polygon file for windowing (i.e. windowing a grid to a polygon to make a new smaller grid) or masking (i.e. applying to mask to a database channel, or hiding ...
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Finding and clearing buried grenades, artillery shells and other munitions – also known as unexploded ordnance (UXO) – can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming. The goal is to ensure public safety and safeguard the environment and that means cleaning the ...
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Learn about UXO Forward Modelling ...
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Learn more about performing a UAV Survey How to plan an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) magentic survey
  • Define survey
  • Defining sub-areas
  • Creating a drape elevation
  • Visual line of sight test (VLOS)
(14:49) Oasis montaj Visualise, analyse, and integrate all your geoscience data in ...
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Learn more about the recent enhancements in the Geosoft 9.9 release. This webinar is the best place to learn how the new functionality can improve efficiency in your workflows, give you more flexibility and help you make decisions faster. Webinar ...
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Welcome to Oasis montaj, to start, you need to complete a few simple steps.    Create your Seequent ID  Your Seequent ID is your business email address that is registered with Seequent. Your Seequent ID (email+password) gives you secure access to ...
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We’re always looking for better ways to help you visualise your data and our brand new gridding algorithm, Multi-Trend Gridding, is specifically designed for interpolation of Geophysical data. What’s more this technique is part of our core solution and is ...
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The latest release of Oasis montaj is one of the largest in years with updates to key algorithms delivering powerful performance and optimised workflows. One of the key improvements to arrive this November is a vastly improved MAGMAP extension, renamed ...
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Learn how you can save time and with our updated and interactive filtering in Oasis montaj ...
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In the IP & Resistivity extension of Oasis montaj, you can now find more tools for enhancing visualisation of electrical data from IP surveys. Discover what’s new in the below video, or further on in this blog. Not using the ...
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Watch our webinar where we will discuss industry best practices to accurately and cost-effectively detect and analyse UXO. This webinar covers: - An overview of common challenges faced when trying to locate UXO - How to overcome these challenges, reduce ...
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Make a map which contains only a sub-set of your data in Oasis montaj This video shows you a quick and easy way to make a map which contains only a sub-set of your data. This is achieved by interactively ...
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