Oasis montaj is ideally suited for today’s multidisciplinary and collaborative exploration. You can access all your data and a powerful set of mapping and analysis tools, within one dynamic 3D exploration environment. Process, map, QA and interpret your ground and airborne survey geophysics, geochemistry and geology data.

The Oasis montaj environment provides direct access to data contained in Geosoft databases through a Spreadsheet window and an integrated Profile display window. The Geosoft database is a high-performance database that provides efficient storage and access for very large spatial data sets.

Database Tools icons () provide quick access to the basic database options (Save ChangesDiscard ChangesFirst Line/GroupPrevious Line/GroupNext Line/GroupLast Line/GroupNew Line/GroupDelete Current Line/Group and Pan to Cursor on All Maps).

Metadata (data about data) is captured by Oasis montaj from the first time the data is touched. The metadata information, which is based on ISO 19115 standards, is stored inside the data (if supported) or as a companion XML file.

The Interface provides visual Maps views.

The Oasis montaj core platform provides the basic resources for all Geosoft Applications and Tools. Geosoft provides a variety of systems that address specific applications in exploration geophysics, drillhole geology, exploration geochemistry and other areas. These systems consist of menus and corresponding Geosoft executables (GXs) that run on the core platform.

Oasis montaj Features

Oasis montaj contains a variety of built-in data import, processing, analysis, visualization, mapping, and integration capabilities. This system enables you to perform complex processing, editing, mapping, and interpretation tasks including the ability to:

  • Create, import and export: maps, databases, grids, voxels, images and profiles.

  • Shortcut toolbars are accessed directly within the maps, grids, databases, map templates, and 3D files you are working on.

  • Oasis montaj creates metadata automatically when you work with data, storing the name of the user, date, time and actions performed. An XML Metadata viewer and editor enables easy access to your metadata.

  • Process data using Geosoft’s gridding, contouring and 1D filter algorithms, along with our advanced grid utilities and gridding toolkit.

  • Advanced grid utilities and gridding toolkit.

  • Design and layout maps, consisting of base maps, grids, images, customized annotations, labels, colour symbols, multi-parameter symbol plotting, and other entities.

  • 3-dimensional mapping that includes a range of options for visualizing data including; voxels, multiple surfaces and sections, each with own relief and contents, and each with its own orientation in 3D space.

  • Advanced CAD tools to draw interpretation features on your maps.

  • Enhanced 3D snapshots, that include all display parameters including, active groups, transparencies, clipping, and appearance attributes. You can also combine multiple 3D snapshots and create a 3D video, which can be saved to a high quality movie format and shared as WMV or MP4 movie file.

  • Automate tasks using scripts.

  • Geosoft provide multiple monitor support that enables you to extend your Oasis montaj workspace across multiple monitors.

  • Oasis montaj and Target are 64-bit applications. As 64-bit applications, they are able to access all available memory on your system, providing more efficient processing, improved performance, and the ability to create and work with much larger databases, voxels, and grids.


Oasis montaj is Geosoft’s core software platform for working with large volume spatial data and provides the functionality required to manage, manipulate, visualize and map spatially located Earth Science data. Key components of the system include:

  • Keeping in touch with Data and Information: A single Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides direct access to data contained in Oasis databases through a spreadsheet interface and an integrated profile display tool.

  • Oasis montaj Interface: The many elements of the environment work seamlessly to enable creation and manipulation of files/documents in a logical workflow.

  • Geosoft Database: The Geosoft database is a high-performance database that provides efficient storage and access for very large located data sets. The database supports both point located data and line based data sets which are common in earth science applications.

  • Oasis montaj Maps: A map is a special graphic file (*.MAP) containing drawings and images. The system enables you to edit maps interactively, apply dynamic linking to maps and track map creation processes.

  • Data and Process Links: Visual data links are provided to dynamically connect data in the spreadsheet, profile and map views. Process links are provided to relate database columns (channels) and map graphics with the processes that have created them.

  • GX Processes: Data processing is achieved through the application of GX functions (Geosoft eXecutables), which can be used to control all aspects of the data processing sequence and environment. A scripting language and script processor provide support for unattended batch operation.

  • Wireframing: A streamlined workflow makes it easy to digitize geological interpretations on section and plan maps. Polygon features can be used to represent individual rock units, alteration or mineralization zones, while polyline features can be used to draw faults or contact surfaces.