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Solutions for Transportation: your route to success

A comprehensive, next-level answer to the unique subsurface and stakeholder challenges facing transportation infrastructure projects.

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Clear eyes. Clear head. Even on the most complex projects.

The long, terrain-crossing nature of road and rail projects, the large number of parties involved, and the intense scrutiny associated with public funding combine to create a range of geotechnical, logistical and collaborative issues particular to the transportation sector.

Seequent’s Solutions for Transportation provides a powerful combination of data capture, 3D visualisation, geophysics, geological modelling and geotechnical data management tools, designed to address these challenges. It gives transport infrastructure engineers and owners a clearer view of the subsurface problems they face, and a better grasp of how to solve them.

Ground Control

Six ways transportation projects can
meet their subsurface challenges

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Increase certainty above ground by recognising uncertainty below it

The rich digital twin approach to the subsurface reduces the geological uncertainty that typically increases risk of delays and budget overruns for road and rail projects.

Meanwhile, the speed at which models are updated can enable design and construction to evolve confidently in near real-time and as new data comes in, accelerating delivery while cutting costs.

Interoperability that delivers sharper insight

With a level of interoperability currently missing from existing site investigation or ground modelling solutions. This open ecosystem of solutions can consolidate all of your data into an easy to grasp, single source of truth – as clear to laypeople as it is detailed to experts.

No matter how many players are involved, workflows fit together seamlessly and teams can collaborate across disciplines. 3D visualisations enable everyone around the table to understand the most complex of subsurface situations and reach an answer everyone can agree on.

Make short work of common problems

Pile overruns, dewatering problems, misclassified subgrade and unanticipated rock excavation can drive costs up leading to tough conversations.

Seequent’s integrated groundwater seepage and slope stability modelling linked to the best engineering geology interpretations expose common problems early in planning and design.

Engineering solutions are identified before you break ground. And even if the unexpected does happen, you can meet it with the confidence of connected analyses that can incorporate new data on the fly.

Get greater oversight and work at the highest professional standards

Robust centralisation via cloud, versioning, audit trails and tightly controlled user permissions promote working at the highest professional standards (e.g. ISO 19650 for BIM).

Project owners get better oversight and deeper, audited insights into the performance of the many companies they’re partnering with.

A whole lifecycle solution

And finally, when construction is complete, the subsurface digital twin at the heart of Seequent’s portfolio of transportation solutions will have absorbed every item of data fed to it.

This leaves project owners with an encyclopaedic resource with which to manage their asset for decades to come.

A lifecycle solution from planning and investigation, through design and construction to operation and maintenance.

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“Seequent’s digital innovations allow us to produce higher quality Building Information Modelling (BIM) deliverables, communicate to stakeholders and deliver controlled and robust ground models in 4D.”

Christopher BrookeAssociate, Mott MacDonald, on HS2 High Speed Rail

Seequent solutions for transportation includes:

Leapfrog Works

Communicate insights with dynamic 3D modelling designed for civil & environmental projects.

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Seequent Central

Manage, track, and collaborate on geoscience data in a single, accessible environment.

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Oasis montaj

Visualise, analyse, and integrate all your geoscience data in interactive 2D and 3D models.

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GeoStudio is an integrated software suite for modeling slope stability, ground deformation, and heat and mass transfer in soil and rock.

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Design and perform advanced finite element analysis of soil and rock deformation, as well as soil structure interaction for excavations, foundations and tunnels.

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OpenGround is a secure, enterprise extensible platform solution for geotechnical information management.

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Aarhus Workbench

From processing raw data to the final visualisation and interpretation of inversion models in one easy workflow.

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Res2DInv and Res3DInv

Easily process and invert your Resistivity and Induced Polarization data in two clicks.

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“We want to spend less time processing the data and more time understanding the data. It’s no brainer. The work speaks for itself. The quality and level of detail we are getting at this early stage of the project really is fantastic and very useful. It really is a step change to what I have seen previously.”

Mike BlackCrossrail principal geotechnical engineer, Transport for london

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