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Solutions for Transportation: your route to success

A comprehensive, next-level answer to the unique subsurface and stakeholder challenges facing transportation infrastructure projects.

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Clear eyes. Clear head.
Even on the most complex transportation infrastructure projects.

The long, terrain-crossing nature of road and rail projects, the large number of parties involved, and the intense scrutiny associated with public funding create a range of geotechnical, logistical and collaborative issues for the transportation sector.

Our solutions for road and rail infrastructure connect geotechnical data, interpretative modelling and numerical analysis, giving you an understanding of the underground the leads to better decisions, faster.

Increase certainty

Accelerate subsurface understanding and communication with dynamic 3D modelling in a connected data environment.

Improve Collaboration

Streamline decision-making with quick stakeholder access to timely insights and the latest developments in models.

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Think Lifecycle

Future-proof projects and create a subsurface digital twin now to support efficient, informed operations for years to come.

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Geotechnical Data Management

Successful tunneling depends on your ability to predict ground behaviour and it all starts with the Geotechnical Data Report. But it doesn’t stop there.  Keep pace with geotechnical information through detailed tunnel design and construction.


Get more value from your geotechnical data, faster, with a secure, enterprise solution for geotechnical information management that facilitates access to factual data for analysis and modelling.

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Geological Modelling

A 3D geological engineering approach bridging conceptual and observational modelling is best practice
for tunnelling projects to reduce risk and uncertainty earlier in the process, leading to better overall project outcomes.

Leapfrog Works

Fast, dynamic 3D geological modelling for combining disparate subsurface datasets with intuitive interpretation even for complex geology encountered in tunnelling.

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Seequent Central

Manage, track, and collaborate around Leapfrog engineering geology models and geotechnical documentation in a single, accessible environment that sits at the heart of connected workflows.

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Geotechnical Analysis

Managing the design and analysis of tunneling requires comprehensive and intuitive tools that will equip users with confidence and credibility.


Advanced soil-structure interaction and reinforcement modelling and tight integration with OpenTunnel Designer makes PLAXIS the go to application for tunnel design validation as part of a connected workflow.

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A picture of a a car coming out of an underground bridge continuing along a winding coastal road

GeoStudio is an integrated software suite for modelling slope stability, ground deformation, and heat and mass transfer in soil and rock.

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Ground Control

Six ways transportation projects can meet their subsurface challenges

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Stories about Transportation: Successes, challenges and risks.

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How WSP automated the analysis of 160 ground improvement designs with PLAXIS

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How Aurecon and Seequent are leading the way for digital engineering in Auckland’s City Rail Link (CRL) project.

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