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Management Team

Leadership Team

Graham Grant
Chief Executive Officer

Graham Grant

“Leading through change: That’s what drives me.”

Graham leads with a dynamic and engaging style, with a key focus on business growth and enhancing performance. His approach is a mix of strategic agility and analytical insight, endeavouring to build a unique organisational culture.

With expertise derived from living and operating in global markets across a range of sectors including financial services, renewable energy, and forest products, Graham has a wide array of specialities from commercial and business performance improvement, organisational change, and operations, to strategic implementation.

As Chair of the MBA Advisory Board at the University of Canterbury, Graham demonstrates a strong commitment to leadership, testament to his belief in fostering the next generation of business leaders.

Daniel Wallace
Chief Revenue Officer

Daniel Wallace

“I empower teams to confidently take on the dynamic world of sales and market development.”

Daniel is a visionary leader in the technology sector, with a strategic focus on sales, market, and channel development. Now, at the helm of Seequent’s revenue generation efforts, his approach blends strategic planning, performance optimisation, and team empowerment.

Before his current role, Daniel was the General Manager of the Civil & Environmental division. He has a solid foundation of over two decades in the technology industry, including key executive positions at Trimble, where he was instrumental in scaling both start-up ventures and established business units.

Daniel’s global executive tenure encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities, from strategy and business performance to marketing, sales, and comprehensive general management.

Following on from his long-term commitment to empowering the Seequent team, Daniel enjoys supporting start-up entrepreneurs on their high-growth journeys, helping to bring their ideas to life.

Philip Keith
Chief Operating Officer

Philip Keith

“I guide global teams through the complex world of corporate strategy and development.”

As Seequent’s COO, Philip works with the wider business to set and deliver key business strategies, including inorganic growth. Philip’s role involves ensuring Seequent’s business processes, systems, and policies are in place to serve both customers and internal teams, as well as meet Seequent’s community and regulatory obligations.

Philip leads functional areas within Seequent, including Support and Data Services, and coordinates between Seequent and the broader Bentley Systems group.

With a career including 15 years in investment banking at Morgan Stanley in London and Singapore, Philip has a proven track record of advising on high-profile transactions across various sectors. His expertise is particularly noted in the natural resources domain, having worked with industry giants such as Rio Tinto, Glencore, and AngloGold Ashanti. Before his tenure at Seequent, Philip also worked as an Economic Advisor within the New Zealand government.

Chief Customer Experience Officer

Angela Harvey

“I love connecting with customers and seeing technology power their business objectives.”

Angela is passionate about working closely with customers to understand their needs and how Seequent’s technology can drive their success. She believes in the power of technology to transform businesses and address important environmental and social issues.

Angela is backed by an impressive 20-year career in the technology industry.

Before joining Seequent, Angela was the VP of Product Marketing and Solution Management for Automation at SAP, where she held various leadership roles in marketing, product management, and supporting the SAP partner ecosystem. Her journey in tech started with earning an Applied Physics degree from Simon Fraser University, fuelled by a co-op program that opened her eyes to the industry's possibilities.

Beyond her professional life, Angela is a dedicated coach for youth sports and an avid skier. Angela lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and two daughters.

Ali Khan
Chief Counsel

Ali Khan

“I navigate the intricate legal landscapes of emerging technologies and dynamic industries.”

Ali is renowned for her expertise in contract law and regulatory compliance, skilfully navigating areas such as corporate governance, insurance, intellectual property, and investor relations.

Her deep knowledge spans several sectors, including geoscience, telecommunications, and global SaaS, making her a crucial member of the Seequent team. Ali has a meticulous eye for detail and strategic foresight, coupled with a steadfast commitment to ethical practices.

Ali brings a rich blend of legal and business experience to Seequent. She holds both a bachelor of laws (LLB) and a bachelor of commerce from the University of British Columbia, Canada.

Since joining Seequent in March 2024, she has quickly become central to our strategic initiatives and global operations. Before Seequent, Ali honed her skills across a variety of industries, where she applied her knowledge to navigate complex legal and regulatory frameworks.

Outside of Seequent, Ali is deeply committed to her community, having served as a board trustee for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Christchurch since July 2018. She’s also a Vancouver Canucks fan, showing her Canadian roots — but has been a long-term resident of New Zealand since 2006.

John Vandermay
Chief Technology Officer

John Vandermay

“I thrive when I’m innovating through technology, delivering elegant products and solutions that result in transformation at the scale of industry.”

John is at the forefront of Seequent’s software advancements, where his primary focus is on shaping the strategic business and technology trajectory of the company.

He leads the development of Seequent’s product and technology portfolio and the expansion of ecosystems — on a global scale. He drives projects forward with an approach that delivers high-quality solutions that support the intricate needs of Seequent’s clients.

John’s academic background — including a bachelor of science in physics and computer science from Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada — laid the groundwork for a 30-year career in technology.

His career has spanned various sectors and organisations across the United States, Canada, and Japan, including roles at Quartet Health, Lightspeed, Dassault Systems, and BlackBerry.

John is a family man who enjoys walking in nature. He has a keen enthusiasm for both automotives and auto sports, and is also an avid professional ice hockey fan.

Lisa Wall
Chief People Officer

Lisa Wall

“It’s a privilege to help build this unique global community of diverse perspectives and cultures, where our people are challenged, solve meaningful problems, and can work alongside a mix of talent from all walks of life.”

The dynamic leader behind Seequent’s People team, Lisa, has over 20 years of HR experience in Canadian and global organisations.

Since joining Seequent in 2017, Lisa has supported the company through strategic growth and expansion, playing a key role in our transformation into a global market leader by helping us steer the challenging people-focused activities of international hiring, private equity investment, and multiple global acquisitions.

Lisa excels at finding — and keeping — the right talent worldwide while fostering a culture where colleagues feel challenged, valued, and empowered.

After studying psychology at Dalhousie University and HR Management at Mount Royal University and London Business School, Lisa now lives and works in Calgary, Canada, where she has held numerous HR leadership and consulting roles, supporting local and global organisations to find and retain technical and specialised senior professionals.

Before joining Seequent, Lisa was an HR leader for one of the biggest energy companies in the world, where she implemented hiring best practices and developed her skills in leading high-volume recruitment, workforce planning, and leadership training, making her a trusted expert in aligning HR strategy with business objectives.

Lisa’s passion for team dynamics and helping people thrive at work has made her a strong advocate for women's leadership, particularly in STEM fields. She has partnered with Mentor Walks, a global non-profit, to launch their women's mentoring program in Canada and New Zealand.

At Seequent, Lisa is dedicated to creating a workplace where our people are passionate about their contributions, continually learn, their ideas matter, and teams celebrate success.

Phil Ohs
Strategic Programs Director

Phil Ohs

“I focus on guiding strategic projects and facilitating executive governance.”

Phil Ohs has been the Executive Adjutant at Seequent since 2016, steering the company’s strategic initiatives and the effective operation of executive governance forums. His work is crucial in aligning Seequent’s strategic projects with its overarching goals and facilitating decision-making processes at the highest level of the organisation.

Before joining Seequent, Phil built a substantial career in the telecommunications industry, starting with Telecom NZ and later moving to IBM New Zealand, where he spent 20 years. During his tenure at IBM, Phil's responsibilities were diverse, spanning product development, systems implementation, key account management, and sales. His expertise in these areas culminated in his role as Head of the Communications Sector for New Zealand, where he honed his skills in leadership and strategic oversight.

Phil is keen on boating and related water sports, having recently transitioned to more sedate activities, and is now a passionate saltwater fisherman. Back on dry land Phil is an avid gardener.

Colin Hay
Executive Vice President, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

Colin Hay

“Scaling growth, deepening customer relationships, and enhancing operational efficiency are my core focus areas.”

Colin is at the helm of the EMEA team at Seequent, using his leadership and commercial expertise to drive the company’s profitable growth. He has a hands-on approach, which leads to better customer engagement and smooth operations.

His role involves not just overseeing growth strategies but also ensuring that customer needs are met with precision and creativity.

Colin joined Seequent in July 2020, bringing with him over 20 years of experience in the B2B technology sector. His career has spanned various stages and sectors within the industry, giving him a rich understanding of the technological landscape.

Colin’s international experience, especially across Asia, the US, and extensively in the EMEA region, adds a global perspective to his approach. The last decade has seen him engage with private equity-backed technology companies, with a key position as VP Europe for a fast-growing SaaS customer experience platform.

Colin served in the British Army, an experience that instilled a strong foundation in leadership, teamwork, and execution.

Ignacio "Nacho" Torressi
Executive Vice President, Latin America

Ignacio “Nacho” Torressi

“I focus on growth and high-performance team building to match our tech solutions with customer needs in Latin America.”

Ignacio, often referred to as “Nacho”, is the driving force behind Seequent’s business development efforts in Latin America. He focuses on expanding the company's presence through strategic growth initiatives and strong, high-performance sales and technical support teams.

Ignacio makes sure that Seequent's technology solutions are aligned with the unique needs of customers in this region.

Ignacio joined Seequent in 2013, bringing with him a robust background in geology and over 10 years of experience in the fields of mining, resource geology, and exploration geology — alongside business development.

His career at Seequent has seen him excel in various key positions, including Latin America Technical Director, Latin America Regional Director, and Geostatistics Solutions Director. These roles have allowed Ignacio to deeply understand both the technical and commercial aspects of Seequent’s offerings and the specific requirements of the Latin American market.

Ignacio’s passion for geology and his dedication to business development in the Latin American region reflect his broader interest in bridging the gap between advanced technological solutions and practical applications in the field. During his early career days, he spent five years exploring in the jungles of the Brazilian Amazon and Papua New-Guinea. Still today he loves the outdoors, being a keen trekking and surfer enthusiast, and squash player.

Executive Vice President, North America

Rob King

“I focus on growing Seequent in North America by inspiring people to do the best work of their careers and innovating the customer experience.”

Rob King, the Executive Vice President for North America at Seequent, is at the forefront of enhancing customer engagement, coordinating go-to-market strategies, and nurturing a motivated organisation. His leadership is instrumental in expanding Seequent's footprint across Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Rob’s approach is centred around delivering exceptional customer experiences and leveraging his team’s capabilities to bolster Seequent's market presence in the region.

Rob joined Seequent in 2022, bringing with him 25 years of experience across the technology, fintech, and resources industries. His career has been marked by significant global executive roles where he has been pivotal in steering business transformations towards SaaS models.

Rob is deeply invested in corporate volunteering, having personally contributed 500 hours and led initiatives resulting in 6,500 employee volunteering hours over the last five years.

Paul Grunau
Senior Vice President, Geotechnical Solutions

Paul Grunau

“My team’s comprehensive geotechnical portfolio enables our customers to transform their infrastructure projects by helping them understand the underground.”

As the leader of Seequent’s geotechnical analysis team, Paul is committed to empowering geotechnical engineers with the software solutions they need to make transformative decisions. This focus ensures Paul’s team of geotechnical engineers and technology experts provide solutions that meet customer needs and elevate their practice.

By driving mutual growth for Seequent and its customers, Paul is passionate about delivering sustainable and innovative infrastructure that positively impacts our world.

With over three decades of experience in geotechnical product development, business management, and board governance, Paul is a pivotal figure in Seequent’s product development, leadership, and strategic planning.

Paul’s journey with Seequent began in 2019, when as CEO of GEOSLOPE, he saw the potential of connecting geological modelling with geotechnical analysis. Once GEOSLOPE joined Seequent, Paul focused on enabling the GeoStudio portfolio to accelerate Seequent’s presence and growth in the Civil market.

With Seequent joining the Bentley Systems group in 2021, Paul took on a new leadership role that brings Seequent’s expanded geotechnical portfolio to a wider and more diverse group of customers.

Having lived in North America, South East Asia, and Europe, Paul continues to enjoy travelling around the globe. Meeting new people and engaging with different cultures continues to challenge his assumptions and broaden his thinking. When not globetrotting, Paul loves long-distance running in the outdoors.

Karl Howley
Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific

Karl Howley

“I help clients tackle project challenges and drive Seequent’s sustainable growth in Asia Pacific.”

Karl Howley plays a pivotal role at Seequent in Asia Pacific, helping clients to overcome complex project challenges while supporting our trajectory as a high-growth, sustainable business.

His leadership is marked by a commitment to delivering value to clients, above everything. He also nurtures an environment of continuous improvement within the company.

Karl’s journey with Seequent began when he joined the team as a geologist and software tester for ARANZ Geo, a precursor to Seequent. He played a significant role in leading response and rebuild programmes as an Engineering Geologist Consultant in the 2010/11 Canterbury earthquakes.

In 2015, Karl returned to Seequent, taking on the role of Regional Director of Sales with a focus on mining in Perth, Australia. His educational background includes a bachelor of geology degree and a postgraduate certificate in engineering geology from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

Karl’s involvement in the earthquake response and rebuild initiatives shows his admirable dedication to using his expertise in real-world situations to aid recovery and build resilience. This has also fuelled his passion for the value technology can add to the geoscience community across both Mining and Minerals and Civil and Infrastructure.

Outside of work, Karl is a family man who loves the outdoors, hiking, and running, and is an avid mountain biker.