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Oasis montaj & extensions Help and Support

Oasis montaj 2022.2 Help and Support

The latest release of Oasis montaj includes new and improved support for UAV surveys, airborne QC, UXO detection, and TDEM data.

Take advantage of the new, complete UAV survey workflow by planning your survey outside Oasis montaj and easily importing it, then level and merge your UAV sorties to harness the processing power of Oasis montaj.

Create the safest, most economically viable survey plan resulting in the highest quality data with the updated, user-friendly Airborne QC Extension.

Examine and compare images of the seafloor next to your geophysical models and improve your target list with support for side scan sonar data in UXO Marine.

Streamline your UXO classification workflow and comply with industry standards with support for HDF Version 1 and dynamic classification in UX-Analyse.

Run TDEM inversions without being plagued by 1D artefacts and save time for interpretation with VOXI 2.5D TDEM. With a 2.5D algorithm, you can identify sub-vertical structures (folds, faults, intrusions, and veins) and collaboratively create geologically constrained models. Help shape the future of VOXI TDEM with this early access program that provides 2.5D TDEM inversion at no additional cost until April 2023 with existing access to VOXI TDEM.

Visualise data like never before with the new 2D section viewer and compare profiles along modelled voxel slices.

  • 0.10 UAV Survey Import Workflow – Tom Popowski
  • 2:30 Airborne QC Workflow Improvements – Tom Popowski
  • 3:40 UXO Marine, Side Scan Sonar – Darren Mortimer
  • 7:25 UX Analyze HDF V1 & Dynamic Classification – Darren Mortimer
  • 13:40 Farzaneh Farahani – VOXI 2.5D TDEM and 2D Section Viewer
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Validate your IP & Resistivity data more effectively in Oasis montaj 9.10

Validate your IP & Resistivity data more effectively in Oasis montaj 9.10

In the IP & Resistivity extension of Oasis montaj, you can now find more tools ...
Multi-Trend Gridding for Geophysical data

Multi-Trend Gridding for Geophysical data

We’re always looking for better ways to help you visualise your data and our brand ...
Introducing 2D Filtering for more intuitive, visual workflows

Introducing 2D Filtering for more intuitive, visual workflows

The latest release of Oasis montaj is one of the largest in years with updates ...

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