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We’re always looking for better ways to help you visualise your data and our brand new gridding algorithm, Multi-Trend Gridding, is specifically designed for interpolation of Geophysical data. What’s more this technique is part of our core solution and is available to all Oasis montaj users.

Multi-Trend Gridding finds trends in your geophysical data and connects them regardless of the azimuth angle. This allows for improved trend capture and visualisation when working with regularly surveyed data that shows linear trends. Consequently, it is particularly valuable when working with magnetic and gravity data and will produce continuous linear features that will enable you to better capture trends in any direction with no staircasing artifacts.

Seequent’s Senior Geophysicist, Geoff Plastow, explains, “Some of the challenges we face when visualising data is being able to intelligently interpolate across our measured data points and to identify trends. The new Multi-Trend Gridding algorithm excels at enhancing trends that already exist in your data resulting in a more realistic and geologically plausible result. It is another valuable tool in the Oasis montaj toolbox. Ultimately better representation of your data will allow you to achieve improved stakeholder communication and engagement.”

Originally developed by Tomas Naprstek and Richard Smith of The Mineral Exploration Research Centre, Laurentian University, we have collaborated with Tomas to bring it to the market in the user friendly Oasis montaj environment.

Geoff continues, “Anyone that uses Oasis montaj can access this latest enhancement, it is not an add on. Magnetic data is the common denominator in many different geophysical surveys and is the most abundant type of data collected globally across all different market segments, we’re expecting it to be very popular with the majority of our customers.”

In some sense the largest and most important filter you can apply to your dataset is defined by the gridding method you use to visualise it. All of Oasis montaj’s different gridding algorithms have been developed to provide you with options in how the data is honoured and Multi-Trend Gridding adds yet another option to your toolbox.

To find this new feature, select > Mapping and gridding and you will find >Multi-Trend Gridding right under Bi-direction Gridding.

If you’d like to take a closer look at how to use it, you can watch this video:

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