2020 has shown us the power of connection when faced with adversity.

We all continue to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, making our work and home lives dramatically different.

At Seequent our mission was clear – after doing all we could to ensure the safety of our global teams, we set our focus on enabling our users to continue working, and to make the impact on their lives as minimal as possible. We changed our development priorities and accelerated Cloud-based solutions so users could work from home without disruption and provided free access to our collaboration software.

Prior to Covid-19, we were already making great progress with the development of Seequent Evo – connecting our Cloud and desktop solutions, and partners to create personalised workflows and layered data. Announcing Evo was one of several highlights of Lyceum 2020, our annual user event historically done in-person at three locations around the globe.

Due to COVID-19, we delivered Lyceum virtually bringing our global community together, including registrants from over 80 countries. Talks featured more than 50 expert speakers from partner companies such as Microsoft, Autodesk, and Bentley, as well as our customers’ organisations.

Lyceum delivered inspiring stories from our users on how they tackled challenging geoscience projects, as well as engaging panel discussions from industry leaders on what
opportunities they see ahead. The spirit of Lyceum is to engage in meaningful conversations and that was delivered in abundance thanks to the outstanding effort of our partners and user community. We are fortunate to have such advocates who all contribute to the wider good of geoscience.

This edition of UnEarthed offers a glimpse into sessions that attendees highlighted as particularly interesting. We hope it inspires you like it has inspired us.

Daniel Wallace General Manager, Civil and Environmental Industries, Seequent

Daniel Wallace
Chief Revenue Officer, Seequent

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