Six steps to better exploration for Juniors

A practical guide on how to discover faster, drill smarter, impress investors and make more confident decisions.

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This eBook includes

  • Using your data to stay agile and reduce risk
  • Getting the most from your field sampling
  • Applying geoscience to enhance surveys and analysis
  • How geological modelling brings clarity to complex deposits
  • 20 questions to ask yourself before you head into the field

Exploration funding is booming. However, companies are having to work harder than ever for each new discovery. The easy deposits have been found, and the remaining prospects are likely to sit deeper underground, more remote and require intense analysis to establish their worth.

For today’s junior explorers to achieve success, they need to understand the earth more clearly than at any period in the industry’s history. They also need to stand out in a fiercely competitive market to attract investment.

‘Six steps to better exploration for Juniors’ is a guide and checklist for explorers to ensure they are leveraging today’s advanced geoscience techniques at every stage of the mining lifecycle, to instill confidence in investors and reduce risk.

This eBook highlights the key steps of successful discovery, outlining the challenges of each one, how geoscience insights can address them, and where Seequent solutions can empower teams to be more agile, accurate and productive.

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