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Geological data underpins the most critical business decisions in the mining industry, but the data that backs these decisions can be poorly managed, adding risk and leading to significant inefficiencies, which ultimately affect the bottom line.

Mining companies recognise this challenge and in fact, according to the recent Geoscience Data Management survey by Geosoft, 83% of respondents stated that data management is a critical or “top 5 issue” for their organisation.

Our report explores these issues that are having such an impact. It looks at how technology needs to enable change and what essential developments are needed to solve this multi-million dollar problem.

Data Management Challenge Stories


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Managing your data in the Cloud doesn’t have to be all or nothing

More than 80% of organisations polled by Seequent say data management is critical to their…
Close up of truck on a mine road
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Seequent’s approach to solving the geological data management challenge

Seequent’s approach is to make geological data open, accessible and intuitive and bring geologists together…
Image of an open mine
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Best practices for managing geological data

We have identified five practices mining companies could adopt to better manage their geological data.
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What challenges are mining companies facing in managing their geological data?

The last 10 years has seen an explosion in the volume of data that is…
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The Future of data management

Technology is constantly and rapidly evolving and Seequent strives to remain at the forefront to…

Data Management Challenge Videos

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