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A screenshot of core samples in Seequent's imago software

Embrace Geologic Greatness: Unearth the Validation Wonders of Imago

Data Validation. Because you can’t afford not to. In the dynamic domain of exploration and mining, accurate and ongoing validation ...
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A screenshot of a topographical 3D model within Seequent's SLOPE3D in their GeoStudio portfolio

Mastering SLOPE3D: Structurally Controlled Stability Analysis of an Open Pit

The following steps are demonstrated in this webinar: Dynamically connecting a GeoStudio project to a Leapfrog geological model via Seequent’s ...
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A screenshot of geological modeling from Seequent's Leapfrog Geo

Expert Tips to Refine Hard Rock Lithium and other Geological Models

Leapfrog Geo sets the standard in 3D geological modelling. It enables geologists to create models directly from input data, which ...
Á picture of inside an iron ore mining site

Round table discussion: How technology can drive mining operations performance

In this webinar, industry thought leaders joined Seequent to explore the role of technology in optimising mine performance, the requirements ...
A photo of a sunset over a rocky, forested landscape, Seequent.

The future of mining in a more sustainable world

Minerals provide the raw materials that help make life possible for the 8 billion people on this planet. But the ...
A picture of an open pit mine

Emerging technologies for sustainable mining operations

The benefits offered by emerging technologies amid the push for net zero by 2050 are explored in Seequent’s new insights ...
Infographic showing MX Deposit and Imago drilling data in Leapfrog

Bring drilling and core imagery data into your Leapfrog models [Infographic]

­From drillhole to decision, faster Manage drilling data and core imagery securely in the cloud – and bring it all ...
A photo of rocky, red landscape of the Fraser Range, southeast of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

How IGO captured over 50,000 geological images with Imago

Jeremy Lee is an Exploration Geologist at IGO Ltd, a company dedicated to helping find minerals crucial for the global ...