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A photo of a bridge over water and land

Expanding your geological modelling tasks with geotechnical analysis using PLAXIS

Discover the streamlined process of importing cross-sections, tracking changes, and publishing analysis results between Leapfrog and PLAXIS using Central. Start ...
A screenshot of core samples in Seequent's imago software

Embrace Geologic Greatness: Unearth the Validation Wonders of Imago

Data Validation. Because you can’t afford not to. In the dynamic domain of exploration and mining, accurate and ongoing validation ...
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A screenshot of a topographical 3D model within Seequent's SLOPE3D in their GeoStudio portfolio

Mastering SLOPE3D: Structurally Controlled Stability Analysis of an Open Pit

The following steps are demonstrated in this webinar: Dynamically connecting a GeoStudio project to a Leapfrog geological model via Seequent’s ...
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Ground to Cloud Webinar | Part 3

Ground to Cloud Webinar | Part 3

We profile a company’s journey to OpenGround, drill into a few features, showcase new features released and features in development, ...
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Top 10 Oasis montaj UXO Marine Extension Tools

Top 10 Oasis montaj UXO Marine Extension Tools

Oasis montaj’s UXO Marine extension allows geophysicists to locate unexploded ordnance (UXO), utilities and debris using marine magnetic and magnetic ...
Fast-tracking numerical modelling projects using Volsung and Leapfrog

Fast-tracking numerical modelling projects using Volsung and Leapfrog

The key input to a geothermal reservoir numerical model is a robust conceptual model. This webinar will take you through ...
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A screenshot of geological modeling from Seequent's Leapfrog Geo

Expert Tips to Refine Hard Rock Lithium and other Geological Models

Leapfrog Geo sets the standard in 3D geological modelling. It enables geologists to create models directly from input data, which ...
A screenshot from PLAXIS 3D

Leverage Seequent’s Connected Geotechnical Workflow with PLAXIS 2023.2.

Import of Leapfrog surfaces from Seequent Central The 2023.2 release introduces the new "Import surfaces from Central" option. The workflow ...
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