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Exploration & resource management

A screenshot of geological modeling from Seequent's Leapfrog Geo

Expert Tips to Refine Hard Rock Lithium and other Geological Models

Leapfrog Geo sets the standard in 3D geological modelling. It enables geologists to create models directly from input data, which ...
Infographic showing MX Deposit and Imago drilling data in Leapfrog

Bring drilling and core imagery data into your Leapfrog models [Infographic]

­From drillhole to decision, faster Manage drilling data and core imagery securely in the cloud – and bring it all ...
A photo of rocky, red landscape of the Fraser Range, southeast of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

How IGO captured over 50,000 geological images with Imago

Jeremy Lee is an Exploration Geologist at IGO Ltd, a company dedicated to helping find minerals crucial for the global ...
A photograph of inside Derinkuyu

AMAZING EARTH: The lost city of civilian miners

It would have seemed implausible in an Indiana Jones movie… A Turkish DIY fanatic swings a hammer in his basement, ...