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Infographic showing MX Deposit and Imago drilling data in Leapfrog

­From drillhole to decision, faster

Manage drilling data and core imagery securely in the cloud – and bring it all into your Leapfrog models

  • Save time with logging templates and QA/QC built in
  • Access data from anywhere, securely in the cloud
  • Get flexible, affordable licensing that scales with your projects
  • Make faster, more confident decisions while you’re drilling

Discover the power of MX Deposit + Imago + Leapfrog:

MX Deposit for drillhole
and point sample data management

  • Collect sample and drillhole data easily on your tablet or laptop, no matter your location
  • Work from a single source of truth for faster, easier, and more accurate logging
  • Reduce errors with built-in QA/QC, and manage assay data from any lab

Imago for validating
data and decisions with core imagery

  • Capture and access images of chip samples and drill core
  • Images are automatically cropped, labelled, and catalogued in the cloud
  • Validate geological models in seconds with high-quality core imagery

Leapfrog for your geological model

  • Sync MX Deposit and Imago data with Leapfrog
  • View drilling, sample, and core image data directly in your 3D geological model
  • See the data and images directly behind the decisions