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Geological interpretations including those for Hard Rock Lithium evolve through time and, so can Leapfrog projects! In this webinar, we will explore methods to refine Leapfrog Geo models and ensure they align with your project lifecycles.

Leapfrog Geo sets the standard in 3D geological modelling. It enables geologists to create models directly from input data, which means models are dynamically updated when new data is added to the project. With this integrated workflow your model remains current and up-to-date, reducing the risk of making critical decisions on outdated information.
In this webinar we will be using the refined geological model tool in Leapfrog Geo to improve your understanding of existing domains. Refined models are a valuable tool for modelling your pegmatite domains based on mineralisation, geochemical properties, mineral textural characteristics, and deleterious elements.
Seequent’s Project Geologist, Nicole Casilla, leads this informative session, to provide you with tips for domaining Lithium-bearing pegmatites.
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Nicole Casilla
Project Geologist – Seequent


49.37 minutes

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