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In this webinar Seequent technical experts will explore how the Seequent Solution can be applied to lithium hard rock exploration and production. With a detailed workflow, our team will demonstrate how software can be seamlessly integrated, used to make strategic decisions and give more insight into your project.

The exploration of lithium from hard rock deposits within Australia continues to see significant growth year on year, as the demand for lithium rises globally.
Within this webinar our technical experts will explore how Seequent software such as Leapfrog, Imago, MX Deposit and Central can be utilised to create a comprehensive workflow that provides valuable insight into the lithium mining cycle.
The Seequent Solution allows for an accelerated decision making process, ensuring that projects can move swiftly with accuracy, allowing for strategic decisions to be made confidently and timely.



Richard Millington,
Data Solutions Technical Specialist,

Lee Evens,
Project Geologist

Nicole Casilla,
Project Geologist


42 minutes

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