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Exploration information management report: 2011

During November and December of 2010, Geosoft set out to build insight into how C-level executives from different organization involved in Mineral Exploration viewed Exploration Information Management.

Our approach was to construct a simple survey of 8 questions that would allow us to gain insight into:

  • What are the key Data and Information management challenges.
  • Who is involved in managing and impacted by these challenges.
  • How would you approach solving these issues.
  • What impact would solving these issues have on their organization.

The survey was delivered to over 100 organizations around the globe. The only prequalification to organizations surveyed was that they could not be using a data management solution from Geosoft. The Survey was directed to C-level executives from exploration companies, government organizations and service companies that are involved in gathering data for mineral exploration companies. In total we received responses from 35 organizations with the following distributions.