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Grade Control: why it matters and what good looks like

A collection of 36 tips, insights and practical guides to extracting the maximum profitability from your ore body.

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This eBook includes help on…

  • Squeezing your data until it tells you everything you need
  • How to apply advances in high resolution imagery
  • Creating a model that’s dynamic and always up to date
  • Monitoring performance and getting everyone on the same page
  • Understanding reconciliation and making it work

When the exploration is done, and the ore excavated and brought to the surface, all your plans for profitability hang on one last piece of the puzzle – how well do you really understand that ore body you’ve pursued so hard?

Good Grade Control is essential to increasing profitability, reducing costs and waste, and saving time. With it you’ll have a detailed and dynamic appreciation of the ore’s location, geometallurgical properties and quantity. Without it, even the best ore body risks drifting into underperformance.

This eBook is dedicated to helping you make this last critical decision – and making it to the maximum effect.

It will help you understand the best practices (and unexpected pitfalls) of Grade Control, how to use it to extract the greatest value from your ore body, what products and tools will give you the best support, and where Grade Control solutions and thinking are heading in the future.

36 insights – from expert views to data management tips, and from practical guides to mini case studies.

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