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The Connected, Collaborative Workflow for Tunnels

Discover a comprehensive solution for tunnel planning and design that can bring together different disciplines under one interoperable workflow.

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This eBook includes a practical guide on:

  • Understanding the challenges that come with tunnel construction  
  • Using an integrated digital workflow to reduce risk and deliver projects with more confidence 
  • Taking a whole of life subsurface digital twin approach 
  • Ensuring clear communication between project teams and stakeholders at every stage 

With tunneling, the stakes are higher and the ground conditions are more critical than for other kinds of infrastructure projects. Additionally, the industry must deal with more uncertainty in complex geological settings or areas of high overburden.

Increased demand for tunneling means changing how they are designed and engineered. As we respond to the challenge to do more with less, we can lean on the advantages offered by digital solutions to increase agility while accelerating manual and repetitive tasks and providing engineers more time to analyze potential errors and create alternatives for optimum design, safety, and performance prior to construction.

Bentley and Seequent continue to develop and deliver on the vision of enabling more productive and streamlined workflows that connect project teams, enabling them to collaborate while delivering the unique pieces of the puzzle that they are each responsible for.

Download eBook

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